Wang Yi district: anti-drug propaganda into the community health home guard

2022-05-02 0 By

In order to further enhance the national awareness of drug control, improve the ability of citizens to resist drugs consciously, promote social harmony and stability, and build a peaceful and harmonious community, in the morning of February 7, Wang Yi sub-bureau of the Seventh Road police station civilian auxiliary police and Wang Yi anti-drug social workers carried out anti-drug publicity activities with the theme of “cherish life and refuse drugs”.Anti-drug social work by issuing publicity materials such as form, to spread knowledge of drug, the drug laws and regulations on the prohibition on drug control knowledge content, remind everybody to improve for drugs, the seductive and vigilance, especially wary of new drugs, disguise they are often disguised as a beverage food into our daily life,Combined with typical cases, anti-drug social workers analyze the harm of drugs in a simple way, so that residents can further understand the harm of drugs to individuals, families and society, so as to guide community residents to consciously stay away from drugs and establish a healthy, civilized and positive life concept.At the same time, they also publicize and popularize the reward policies and procedures for reporting drug crimes, encourage the majority of residents to timely and actively report drug crimes, and call on everyone to take practical action to participate in the war on drug control.The anti-drug publicity activities, through in-depth community, family, expanded the coverage of anti-drug publicity, improve the area of the people’s awareness of drug awareness, anti-drug, anti-drug, effectively enhance the people’s awareness of drug resistance, create a strong anti-drug atmosphere, the masses have been praised.Author: Li Wenjing