We have a wish to visit our father-in-law and sister-in-law in the countryside. They are all 90 years old

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The wife’s wish is to go home to see his 90-year-old father. On the 24th day of the 12th lunar month, we made preparations for the snow, which blocked the roads in the countryside and disrupted national affairs. We could only sigh with regret.Yesterday after lunch, I was already lying in bed and saw jian Wei’s news to do nucleic acid back to school. I invited him to accompany me to realize a long-cherished wish. Simple preparation, we set out as a family.The way to the South Korea set the snow has not melt in the mountain, but there are traces of the wheel, wei extremely exquisite, driving a safe way for the car behind to catch up, split, narrow road, he simply stopped, remove the safe hidden trouble, I would trust the scenery out of the window, can xue gave wilderness scenery, or dormant winter no appreciation,This road should run more than 10 times every year, familiar and friendly, more run more feel rural difficult to give up!Xian if the car to the house, three elder sister had lived in the village of labor, on the second day, three elder sister and son lake, elder sister’s son jack Bauer greetings, and only this time, to have the chance to swim waves, three elder sister told me a bad news, the filial piety in the village elder brother died, dig tree, the tree dug out, feel dizzy, died, dropped like this man is so scarce,I do not know how many Yin virtue can have such a blessing, Yang Jingge’s brother-in-law Xiao Hong sat on the sofa two years ago to sleep peacefully.This time I have a wish, is to go to see my good woman, December 27 video nephew YanJun, said he worried about his mama is not the years, I listen to disease is serious to the extreme, a year has passed, however, building wai car right around the eyes suddenly mountain, built wei special surprise hidden valley wind to get together gas, plate of longshan is bibcock, dragons constituted a bijia mountain, says Mr Geography here out of the literati,But a lot of teachers and Mr. Yin and Yang.The car drove to panlong mountain, here from the sister-in-law’s home recently, we get off, with remnants of snow ablation recovery of the land, the door of the yellow dog disappeared, coming out of the voice seems to be in zhuangzi behind, double doors open, seems to be very quiet feeling, I shouted yan Jun in?The curtain of the upper room lifts a corner, stretches out its head and says: Ow!Here comes my old dad.This is YanJun daughter-in-law, we put the feet of snow mud deliberately stepping out of the sounds, as far as possible off clean, the room was warm and have white hair of six sister-in-law, Yang Zhige also in, the situation is a little unusual, sister-in-law asleep on the kang, breathing also special uniform, I stand in front of the kang, quietly read a prayer, sitting on the sofa Listen to six sister-in-law said, the New Year’s eve night left a few times,Now it seems that some reversal, Yang Zhige also said so, I am very moved by the love and protection of relatives.Glanced at the sleeping eldest sister-in-law, we hurried on, the car down from Korea bifurcation, across a great club, west bay sichuan cement hardening special exhibition, the way is a little narrow, Korea town rural road hardening in close kremlin and LiYongGang ruling period, got to repair, to later opened a good start, the leadership of the virtuous cycle,Hanji, the hometown of culture, has changed its former appearance.Guo branch beam on this road, more than once I moved, the heart is full of gratitude, because the wife, I accompany to walk several times every year, loess flying is the past memories, over guo bifurcations huo Saddle, wife memories of the winter reading snow, ass sat down to slip in the end, that is what kind of scene……To my surprise, there is a hardened cement road leading to the village, especially clean, obviously someone swept, otherwise it will be pressed into snowboards, full of risks, the cohesion of a village, snow in winter is a question, test out the quality of the village.Father-in-law’s house, the car stopped at present, the little yellow dog may delete the memory in the brain, loyal to their duties, with iron wire, tomas bite very fierce, two black donkey with ears, open and bright black eyes looking at us, golden corn wall in the courtyard, this is the autumn harvest the fruits of peasants, set foot in almost every household in the yard, there are corn on the cob bricks art show,It’s beautiful.The father-in-law is sleeping on the kang, the two children say hello to the grandfather, And Ju Ping also asks about cold and warm. The father-in-law looks like a child, and does not love reason. When they talk for a while, they sit up very lively.Basic day three my uncle to the mountain sheep, he came back to black, said the sheep is very hard, I don’t know the sheep have what hard, and my childhood herded cattle, cattle to graze, partners can also dig the mouse, catch Michael qiao, fat wife was reluctant to cut, the tyrant is not very interesting, with a single horn in the excrement on cattle, green lightning mule foal, that was a fun, to be honest, the sheep is never let go,His third uncle said sheep would not be obedient, do not eat grass, always run, greedy sheep you are no good way to education, Jianwei said to catch a sheepdog to help, his third uncle said: you see where there is a smart dog, hold a big sheep to protect the sheep.I say: Wolf dog, or thin dog!Puppies are useless.His uncle said, A dog?Thin hate very!I just like the beauty of fine dogs growing into art, chasing rabbits, running into a black lightning speed, my son chimed in and said: Edge shepherd, that is the fine products of sheep herding.Last year in June flew a nest of bees, this is a fortune of good omen, I said simply transformation beekeeping, the wife said beekeeping technology content than sheep high to where to go!Everyone wants to do something and earn more money, but their concerns hinder their progress.After dinner, we said goodbye to his father-in-law and returned home. The sun in Yuan Jia Tsui was so beautiful that Jianwei stopped his car. I just shot a shot and his red copper face had disappeared behind the mountains.Father-in-law and his daughter Chrysanthemum ping happy chat six sister-in-law Yanyanyanjun daughter-in-law Changding brother Changding brother and nephew Yanjun is a bit like Mo Yan Goxian pan Longshan bijia Mountain under the mountain hidden wind gather gas Yuan Jiaju ma Cha poplar tree symbolizes the ordinary working people in the north tall and straight Yuan Jiaju bridge when my second sister carrying corn rolling dune to build a bridgeThe father-in-law habitually lay down to rest as the sun set and we returned home