“Baiwei Bookstore” reading activity of Shuangliu Shi Elementary Foreign Language School

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Life is a monotonous journey, it is reading that makes the journey become poetic and wonderful.If there is such a thing as Aladdin’s magic lamp, it must be reading.Reading is like the sunshine pouring in from the sky window, which enriches children’s childhood, stimulates children’s imagination and lightens children’s life.Shuangliu Solid Foreign Language school “Baiwei Bookstore” attracted the first grade children to come to read, a wisp of bookish floating into a child’s heart.Here, the quiet environment, a wide variety of books, for children to create a truly exclusive to their reading world.The spring breeze, accompanied by the footsteps of spring girl, woke up the branches of the tree, urging them to change into green clothes in time;And kissed the flowers and made them shine;Comfort our hearts and call us to sail together.In this season full of hope, we are constantly, efforts to enrich themselves, so that the thick fragrance of books and the vibrant atmosphere of nourishing our souls.Read books, light take light smoke, orderly placed.Read one book at a time, read the pictures, read the text, read the book over and over again, and immerse yourself in it.Meditation reading without slapstick, notice more elegant posture.Books clean depends on everyone, take good care of books you and me.Things are in order. The library is my home.Look, these hungry little eyes, like to be sucked by the knowledge in the book!Look, this is the true portrayal of no time no spring!Children read to find friends in books;Explore the mysteries of life through reading;Through reading, you can enjoy more beautiful scenery.Read childhood, read to the future, looking forward to the baiwei Bookstore, in happy reading, together grow into a better myself!Source: Chengdu Shuangliu District Experimental Primary School Foreign Language School