Does the bank deposit have “knowledge”?Most of the internal staff do not recommend fixed deposit for 3 years, the reason is revealed

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As is known to all, China is a big country of savers. Chinese families have always kept the good habit of saving money, on the one hand, to prevent emergency needs in the future, on the other hand, they want to accumulate more and improve the quality of life in the future.What’s more, saving money is the safest way for most families to manage their money, because banks will pay interest on their deposits, which is more or less extra income for savers.Both demand deposit and fixed deposit have their advantages and disadvantages. When you make a deposit in the bank at ordinary times, you will be faced with two choices: a demand deposit and a time deposit.Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the advantage of current deposit is that it is flexible and convenient to deposit and withdraw money. However, it is better not to take out time deposit within a specified time because it will affect the interest income.Through the analysis of interest rate, it is obvious that the annual interest rate of time deposit is higher, and the higher is not a little.In fact, many people do not know that the bank time deposit is learned, and most of the staff do not recommend depositors to choose 3-year fixed deposit, for three reasons.First of all, the interest rate of fixed deposit for three years is relatively high, which is beneficial from the perspective of the depositor, but from the perspective of the bank, it increases expenses. After all, the bank is an enterprise, and the purpose of its establishment is to make money.At present, the three – year fixed deposit rate of the six domestic banks has been maintained at above 2.75%.If the depositor deposits 500,000 yuan in the bank for three years, the bank will pay 1,700 yuan in interest to the depositor every year, which is 5,100 yuan for three years.Secondly, the bank staff are selfish. They have performance assessment, and only when they attract a certain number of depositors to participate in insurance and financial management activities every month, they can receive a generous income.It is conceivable that if every depositor comes to the bank just to deposit money, the performance targets of the bank staff will not be met.So when confronted with depositors, bank staff are on hand to offer financial advice.Of course, the final decision of whether to participate in the bank is still up to the depositors themselves, and the bank staff cannot interfere and force.Last but not least, bank workers have the customer in mind.If you deposit your savings in a fixed deposit for three years, you cannot withdraw your savings before maturity. Otherwise, the bank will settle the deposit at a lower interest rate, which is a loss for the depositor.Three years may not seem like a long time, but you never know, and there’s no guarantee what will happen during that time, in case the family needs money badly and has to make a temporary withdrawal.And the later period for temporary withdrawal, the amount is larger, the process is more cumbersome.Many people will say, a few years ago, if it is a time deposit, you need to withdraw money temporarily, the bank will still calculate the time deposit rate, why not now?In fact, this is related to the new regulations, the official has abolished the file of interest.Because temporary withdrawals can not only disrupt the bank’s management system, but also cause losses to the bank.When choosing the way of deposit, we must combine their own circumstances and decide, the best way is to remember according to the concept of financial management, that is, do not put eggs in a basket.If you have a large amount of money, you can put part of it into a checking account in case you need it later.The rest can be put into a fixed deposit account, which you won’t need for the time being anyway, so it’s better to deposit it for a fixed interest rate.Some savers also go out of their way to find deposits at small and medium-sized banks, simply because they have raised deposit rates to compete with state-owned banks.Depositors deposit their savings and earn significantly higher interest rates than state-owned banks.As for the small and medium-sized banks we worry about the risk of bankruptcy, in fact, insiders have said that as long as the insurance regulations, depositors can be compensated up to 500, 000.