Provincial court organs 2021 grassroots Party organization secretary grasp party construction work review meeting held

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On February 10, the provincial court authority secretary of the party organizations at the grass-roots level to grasp 2021 annual party construction for review meeting, in-depth implementation of jinping important discourse about basic party general secretary and central, provincial party committee and the provincial party committee made the deployment requirements, fully implement the new era, the party’s construction of the party’s line, general requirements and new eraFocus to uphold and strengthen the party’s leadership, perform at the primary level, promoting grass-roots party organizations and political function and organization of the provincial court authority to the secretary of the party organizations at the grass-roots level to grasp party construction work project appraisal appraisal, exchange experience, improve their work, urging secretary of the party organizations at the grass-roots level to perform duties the first responsible person,To promote the central and provincial party committee on the grass-roots party construction of the deployment requirements in the provincial court organ implementation effect, promote the grass-roots party organization comprehensive progress, comprehensive excellent.Party members, director of the political department, secretary of the party Committee of the organ Li Yong chaired the meeting, the provincial Party Committee of the provincial direct working committee of the relevant departments responsible comrades to guide the meeting.At the meeting, party branch secretaries of the Organ Party Committee, the Third Criminal Court, the Second Civil Court, the Administrative Court, the Reconsideration Supervision Court and the Judge College made on-site statements, and Li Yong made comments one by one according to the way of “one comment and one comment”.The meeting put forward four requirements: 1. To strengthen political construction, take the lead in achieving “two safeguards”.We should firmly uphold the Party’s absolute leadership over judicial work, deepen awareness education in political organs, strictly enforce political discipline and political rules, strengthen education in political warning, discipline and loyalty to the Party, adhere to the bottom-line thinking, enhance the awareness of potential dangers, develop the spirit of struggle, and improve political resolve and political ability.We should be diligent in deepening theoretical armed forces and promoting in-depth and practical learning and education.We will run classes on organizing and living, implement the monthly report system of Party branches, strengthen individual self-study with the advantage of online platforms, and give full play to the role of red resources to enable Party members and cadres to receive continuous political and ideological education and baptism, so as to carry forward and carry forward the great spirit of party building.3. We should be good at playing the “two roles” and constantly improve the vitality of the organization.We will take party building as our greatest political achievement, set a good example, strengthen guidance under the leadership of the party, consolidate the grassroots foundation, strengthen the standardization and standardization of Party branches, continue to carry out the campaign to become “excellent Communist Party Members in the New Era”, strengthen the awareness of party members’ identity and responsibility, and take the lead in playing the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members.We should be good at grasping the characteristics and laws to promote the integrated development of Party building and business.Give play to the role of the party leading, adhere to the party building around the center, and pay special attention to the party to promote business, widely collect public opinion suggestion of party members, the improvement of the party construction of perfect agencies evaluation mechanism, innovative work ideas, with the help of authority informationization construction achievement, seeking the party organization innovation practice, pay attention to the experience summary of propaganda, sets up the brand consciousness of party construction, actively participate in the selection,For the establishment of provincial straight first-class organs, model organs to provide a strong guarantee.Members of the Party Committee of provincial court organs, party branch secretaries of departments affiliated to the Court, general Party branch secretaries of Shijiazhuang Railway Transport Court, as well as representatives of some Party members and masses attended the meeting.