Should beautiful Spring Festival be trapped however at cancer pain originally, how should ache disperse?

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You know what?Past February 4 (the first four) is world cancer day bring pictures from the network, if there is any infringement please contact delete “are very different with acute pain pain pain is not pain immediately to go is ok and long recurrence torture” recently, supposed to be celebrating the New Year’s from guangzhou citizens are not happy at all, because he as a tumor patients,The cancer pain in his body irritated his nerves all the time.According to Chen Shu, he has always been full of fight for cancer treatment, usually intentionally ignore the growing back pain, not for pain distraction, do not eat addictive painkillers.But late at night, the constant back pain was too much for him.Forced to, during the Spring Festival, I sought help from the pain department of our hospital, hoping to alleviate my pain.The pain is unbearable!”It’s a big mistake to feel pain and then it goes away.”Ruan Xiangcai, director of the pain department of our hospital, pointed out that the chief physician.Ruan Xiangcai said, long-term pain is not desirable, will greatly wear down the patient’s willpower, and is not conducive to the doctor’s diagnosis, delay the condition.In addition, pain is subjective, and doctors and relatives can’t know it. Pain experience varies at different times, and no medical examination or test can replace the feelings of pain patients themselves.”Say it hurts!”Ruan Xiangcai stressed.Communicating with your doctor can help you manage the pain, resolve the pain, and provide great confidence for subsequent cancer treatments.When seeing a doctor, you should properly express your pain.Ruan xiangcai gives a reference table: ● Where is the pain in the body and how intense?What kind of pain is it?(Dull pain, dull pain, needles, knife stabbing, heat pain, cold pain, burning pain, electric shock pain, drag pain?)● When does pain start and when does it end?When alleviate, when aggravation?● Does pain interfere with our ability to perform daily activities, such as eating, sleeping, housework, work, or social activities?● In addition, we also need to inform the doctor about the visit and treatment, reaction to medication, etc.Morphine kind medicaments is not “devil”, 3 steps acetanilide is good prescription ache what does method of treatment have?Ruan xiangcai offers a “three-step pain relief”.First, cancer pain comes from the cancer itself, then the cancer cured, the pain disappeared, cancer treatment is pain treatment;The second is the pain caused by anti-tumor therapy such as surgery, traumatic operation, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. After the tumor is cured, the pain still needs to be treated.The third kind, the pain caused by non-tumor factors, also take the continuation of treatment after tumor cure.Ruan Xiangcai believes that according to the above three steps to relieve pain, most cancer pain can be basically relieved, but patients should still actively cooperate with the treatment.Chen Shu in the process of fighting with cancer pain, to worry about morphine class painkillers extremely resistant, worried about its addiction.But Ruan Xiangcai gave professional advice: “morphine addiction to dialectical look.While there is a real risk of addiction, the doses used to treat cancer pain are small and addiction is rare.”It is understood that morphine drugs can effectively control pain and improve the quality of life of patients.Once the pain is satisfactorily and stably controlled, the cause of cancer pain has been removed. As long as appropriate steps and methods are adopted to gradually reduce the dosage and avoid sudden drug withdrawal, it is not difficult to achieve drug withdrawal.In principle, it can effectively relieve 80% of cancer pain. However, there are still some patients who cannot solve the pain problem due to various reasons, which seriously affects tumor treatment and quality of life.Although these patients are only less than 20%, they are a “weak spot” in the treatment of cancer pain in China, becoming a thorny problem faced by both doctors and patients.In view of the above situation, our hospital adopted non-drug treatment for cancer pain as a powerful supplement to drug analgesic treatment.It mainly includes the following types: interventional therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, acupuncture, physical therapy such as percutaneous acupoint electrical stimulation, cognitive-behavioral training and social psychology, among which interventional therapy is the most effective.RuanXiangCai introduction, interventional therapy is refers to the nerve block, neurolysis, percutaneous vertebral plasty, nerve damage and radiofrequency ablation surgery, nerve stimulation therapy of interventional treatment, including epidural and spinal canal or nerve plexus block, can effective control by nerve block of pain, is beneficial to relieve opioids gastrointestinal reaction,Reduce the amount of opioid use.”Don’t be afraid of cancer pain. Describe the pain truthfully to the medical staff.”Ruan xiangcai stressed: “when the treatment, strictly abide by the doctor’s treatment plan, at the same time to assist patients with their own close observation, regular return visit, timely communication, adjustment, optimization of pain treatment.”Ruan Xiangcai, director of pain Department, Deputy director (concurrently) of clinical anesthesia Department, Deputy Director (concurrently) of Surgical anesthesia Center, director of pain Department, chief physician, outstanding Young medical talent of Guangdong Province, key medical talent of Guangzhou, DOCTOR of Medicine, graduated from Sun Yat-sen University.He has been to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the United States and The Regional Hospital of Rotenberg in Germany, engaged in clinical research on pain medicine, hosted two projects and participated in five national Natural Science Foundation of China, and published more than 40 academic papers.Medical specialty: good at the diagnosis of chronic pain diseases, as well as morphine pump, trigeminal nerve balloon compression and radiofrequency and other minimally invasive interventional surgery.Academic posts: Chairman of Guangzhou Pain Medicine Society, Vice chairman of Guangdong Neuroscience Society, Vice chairman of Guangdong Pain Medicine Society, Pain Physicians Society and Hospital Association Pain Management Special Committee.Visit time: Monday, Wednesday morning Responsible Editor: Zhang Yuanyuan First Review: Dai Xi ‘an Review: Jian Wen Yang review published: Zhu Changping Content source: Yangcheng Evening News · Yangcheng Pai/Tuhu creative, part of the pictures from the Internet # Qingfeng Project #