“Listen to” the people’s city, I have a ray of light: the cognitive impairment of the elderly in the “care class”, the story of sweet and sour, bitter and hot emotion

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There are about 200,000 cognitively impaired elderly people in Shanghai. The construction of cognitively impaired friendly communities has become an important part of the deepening of elderly care services in Shanghai.The Xianmei Community Day Care Center for the elderly in Fengxian District has been in operation for nearly a year. More than a dozen cognitively impaired elderly people come here every day for day care services, and therapy dogs have recently joined the ranks of assisting the elderly.In today’s People’s City, There is a Light from me series, we go inside this unusual care center and meet its director, Fan Chunying.Please listen to the report: afternoon, the reporter came to be located in fengpu street life station on the second floor of the Xian Mei she district elderly day care center, log tone spacious space, curtain half closed, seven or eight old people are leaning on the deck chair to nap, Fan Chunying and a wearing green cotton-padded old man sitting side by side on the sofa.”She doesn’t want to take a nap, so we can only accompany her, because she lacks a sense of security. As long as there is someone here, whether it is an aunt, a little girl or me, we must take her.But in the past six months, she has changed a lot. Now she smiles and talks to you.”Before May last year, Fan Chunying was the head of fengpu Street Life Station. She transferred her post to take care of elderly people with cognitive impairment. Many people didn’t understand her at first: “Don’t mention others, just take my mother as an example.My mother said, yes, changed jobs, in charge of some stupid old people!”Fan believes that the increase in cognitive impairment is due to an aging society and longer life expectancy, and she may face the same problems in the future: “Why am I willing to do this?I want to see what I’ll be like when I’m old.If I’m 80 years old, I don’t want to go to a nursing home, I want to go to day care, I want to be like a kid, I want to go in the morning, I want to go home at night, I want to play with my kids at night.”At present, the care center welcomes 15 to 16 elderly people every day. Some come for activities for half a day, and some participate in full-time care. They come at 8 or 9 in the morning and have lunch and snacks.As care centers become more and more known, the elderly are receiving more and more attention and support.Wu Qi, the director of the organization, said that animal-assisted therapy, as a form of non-drug therapy, has been widely used abroad.The interaction between therapy dogs and the elderly with cognitive impairment can play a positive role in their emotional improvement and physical rehabilitation: “For example, people with low willingness to do physical exercise can actually promote their physical activity through interaction with small animals, including throwing a ball to the dog.We can also teach the elderly how to train their dogs, and in this way, it’s all about focusing, watching, learning, imitating, and actually manipulating.”As the days went by, Fan chunying was happy to see that the smiles on the faces of the elderly gradually increased and they became more willing to talk to each other.For their families, the professional care is a real relief: “You just saw an uncle washing his hair and shaving his face, and now it’s natural for him to get used to the aunt.”But not long ago, such a thing happened: “when the family got up in the morning, the family members did not take him to the toilet. When we picked him up, the old man was covered with urine and feces. Then the family members directly gave us a sentence: you take away, you take away.”After coming to the care center, the aunt patiently bathed, wiped and cleaned up the old man: “You can’t blame all the family members, hurry to go to work in the morning, but for the old man, I am rare, you treat me like this, I am not like this every day!The first two days he was a little depressed, but on the third day, our old man’s memory is so short that he will naturally forget it.”Although the old man himself had forgotten, Fan Chunying was hard to let go.In her view, comparing and nursing homes, nursing homes, day care model in order to let the old man can not only get professional and meticulous service, and not out of the family care, therefore, care center not only to its own service do better, even the family members are driven, so as to create a real friendly community cognitive impairment.Fan Chunying said, “we are now half a year to open a family discussion forums, but then, I want as far as possible every month, even if not every month, then a quarter, like parents will, we will do a close old, children and old people together to participate in all activities, like dumplings, you package to the elderly to eat, you give the old man cut a nail.In fact, old people in the bottom of their hearts need more affection.”Author: Shanghai Radio reporter Zhao Yingwen Editor: Li Shue Chief editor: Yang Yechao