South Korea’s “zhengmei bank clerk” was exposed to campus bullying!The angry accusation was verified: it was really done

2022-05-04 0 By

Journalists covering the Wu Mengting/South Korea last year have revealed a wave of Internet, the bottom public figures used to be a campus the inflicter bullying, and the recent variety show “to work on the (n, 아 무 튼 출 근)” to participate in the network video raspberry, yan (n, 이 소 연) has also been net booms bullying classmate, but she made a tipster, instead certification by prosecutors “bullying” really!Lee so-yeon appeared on the show as a senior bank employee in her ninth year.(figure/turn taken from yi IG, MBC) bank member of yi to work for 9 years on variety shows the work to be revealed after work to seek, humble 10-year IG powder rises to 60000, began to think of some gas shoot she even invited YouTube channel to the bank, just like the flower of the south Korean Banks, also formally towards a web celebrity.Last year, however, is our source is A for yi students, writing under the bank YouTube video, “stole my clothes still so shameless, lying in high school, pick up my clothes in the dressing room and then get A second-hand website to sell, let my high school life only bad memories, because it can aboveboard upload video like this?”Then I left the same message for all 11 videos.Yi So-yeon became famous as the flower of banks in Korea after appearing on the show.(figure/turn taken from MBC) then yi in violation of information and communications network utilization and information protection promotion law and so on suspicion of A lawsuit, and through the responsible attorney in fact reveals part, demand A change for the damaged reputation of crime to investigate, for the public prosecutors to investigate and then think A statement known facts, thus removing the reputation damage to the prosecution of disciplinary action.According to the indictment, Yi claimed that she did not steal the clothes from her classmate, but admitted that she did not return the clothes to her classmate after learning that they were from A. She also admitted that she tried to sell them on second-hand websites, knowing that they were not her clothes.