Wild Romania: Why are so many people not environmentally conscious

2022-05-04 0 By

The nature documentary “Wild Romania” is visually stunning and thought-provoking.I watch a lot of documentaries. The older I get, the more I like to watch nature documentaries.On the one hand, our yearning for nature is endless, its mystery and beauty make people fascinated.On the other hand, the more books I read and the more scenery I see, the more deeply I feel the smallness and ugliness of human beings.Humans have been too greedy for nature, and nature continues to reward us selflessly, but stubbornly resists everything.Life is a process of returning to nature, from nothing to something, from something to nothing, life is just a circle.When we take something, we should give something back.When we grow up, we should also return to innocence.After we pass, we also want to leave some wealth to future generations, spiritual, natural, not material.When we tell stories to our children, there are countless cute animals in the story books.We can’t just let our children read about these lovely creatures in books. We should leave room for them for generations to come.The destruction of nature by human beings is either unintentional or intentional.Man has been expanding his sphere of existence, some of it out of sheer curiosity, robbing nature of too much space.Fortunately, in recent years, people have become more and more aware of the importance of protecting nature, and many nature reserves have been vigorously maintained. Both the wildlife environment and the natural environment are recovering with a weak force.On the one hand, we are destroying the environment, on the other hand, we are making a little effort for environmental protection.We’re planting trees on Alipay, but we’re using plastic aggressively, all at the same time.I think the awareness of environmental protection is still not thorough enough for most people. Many people do not realize that they are an accomplice to the destruction of the environment.On the one hand, I think the society needs to do more publicity in this aspect. On the other hand, I think each of us should consciously improve our spiritual quality in life, and live more with thinking, rather than muddle through this life.We are not only here to pass by, not only for ourselves, but also to look around and to the future, and strive to make ourselves shine.In recent years, danshari has always been practiced, and the more practiced, the lower the requirement for material.I don’t think it’s just a matter of wealth, it’s a matter of perception.If we live a simple and simple life, we will not pursue more goods, nor will we have too high material desire, nor will we produce more garbage, nor will we create more pollution to the earth.I once asked the waiter in the supermarket to glue the top of the bag up so I could use it again.She said you could take as much as you like in the supermarket.He’s a good man, but he can’t understand me.Supermarkets use too many plastic bags to buy food. One bag for each kind of food is not only a waste, but also a sense of guilt for the earth.When I went to the supermarket the day before yesterday, I saw that the packaging of many foods was more delicate, one kind of food was a plastic box.I marveled at how much pollution that would cause.People are getting more and more clean, but at the same time, the burden on the earth is getting heavier and heavier.Can this conundrum be solved?The more seemingly insignificant things in people’s lives, the bigger the cumulative problems, because the population is so large.One bag for each person, that’s a lot of bags.I saw a video of a girl pulling a big roll of bags from a supermarket.In this age, people who have read books should be well educated, but why not environmental awareness?In my opinion, we still need to increase education in this area, not only in the public welfare, but more importantly in the school stage, so that environmental protection can be carried into children’s hearts from an early age.