2023 BMW 7 Series officially arrived at the scene, starting with 4.4T, more ambitious than The Mercedes Benz

2022-05-05 0 By

For a period of time before a new generation of the Mercedes s-class formal appearance, as a large domestic market representative business car, the overall competitiveness and product force, thought models to taking the lead in the same level as the top, but the mouth of the new generation BMW 7 series started formally present, equipped with 4.4 T turbocharged eight cylinder engine,Overall aura than bentley to speed, at the same time, the price level of models has reached the standard level of millions, so a new generation of the BMW 7 series of competitiveness, meng rivals Mercedes s-class, after all, a whole new generation BMW system change is very big, obvious change were carried out for the appearance of interior, with level has become the current models of outstanding person.A new generation of the BMW 7 series presented a new generation of the BMW 7 series, the large size of chrome decorative China open design, the whole mouth modelling is very visual impact, and the entire front line also has carried on the comprehensive treatment, the texture of large coupe, split type lamps and chrome plated adornment is in stark contrast,The overall sense of luxury and advanced sense show incisively and vividly.A new generation of the BMW 7 series in addition to the mouth shape comparison with attention throughout the type of interior control screen also brought strong freshness, for the younger generation of consumers and the high-end consumers, BMW 77 this model is very classic and representative, so the change of the models have also been very strong interest,This exterior and interior makes for a competitive performance.The new generation of BMW 7 Series is facing the new generation of Mercedes S-Class and the two models, each with its own advantages and characteristics, which can show its own family style and language. However, the new generation of BMW 7 Series has obviously brought stronger visual impact.Conclusion: The new generation of BMW 7 Series looks like the Mercedes S-Class, the competition between the two models is still very fierce, and both are mainly aimed at the younger generation of consumers.