Cangzhou High-tech Zone: “Increase” the happiness of the masses

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— Cangzhou High-tech Zone to carry out party history learning and education report ji Shi Client (Xuping Road, Yadong, Tairen, Hebei) The road is smooth, the drainage is smooth, the environment is clean…Speaking of village changes, villagers in Lizhuangzi village of Cangzhou High-tech Zone are beaming: “Village cadres have done everything to our hearts.”Once, li Zhuangzi village many roads potholes, some sections are uneven, encountered rain and snow weather, travel difficulties.After the new village “two committees” team took office, the renovation of the village road as an important work to grasp, hardening the road, laying sewage pipes, planting Holly green plants.In view of the perennial hoarding of garbage in the village drainage ditch, the problem of poor drainage, also organized cleaning vehicles to clean up, unblocked drainage ditch.The environmental remediation in full swing has brought about great changes in the appearance of the village.”What the people care about is what we should do.”Yue Jian, secretary of the Party branch of Lizhuangzi Village, said that the foothold of party history study and education is to do practical things for the masses and solve difficult problems.For this, the village “two committee” group members study party history and pay attention to the common people need to unite, take the initiative to ask for advice in the people, serve in the people, let the party history study close to reality, achieve results.This is an epitome of cangzhou High-tech Zone to carry out party history study education.Since the development of party history study and education, from the village to the community, from the organs to the campus, enterprises……Thematic lectures were held in the high-tech zone, where party members and cadres honed their party spirit and absorbed their spiritual strength.Learning history practice, each unit and each department handle the study of party history with the promotion of work in combination, to “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities as the starting point, and constantly improve the ability and level of service for the people, for the people, one convenient measures, one benefit the people practical, constantly for the people’s happiness “code”.Opening the “people’s livelihood List” of Cangzhou High-tech Zone in 2021, one by one reflects the real “people’s livelihood temperature”, carrying people’s sense of happiness and gain.Cangzhou High-tech Zone has set up a special area for enterprise establishment and built a 24-hour self-service government service area to realize all-weather self-service management.The implementation plan of urban renewal has been formulated, including the demolition of Lizhuangzi and Gaozhuangzi villages under the jurisdiction, and the reconstruction of Chengzhuangzi. Four urban roads including Songyuan Road (Lion City Avenue — Wulin Avenue) and two planned roads have been completed and opened to traffic, and the Slow traffic system of Xi ‘an Road is under construction.The experimental schools and public kindergartens in the high-tech Zone were successfully enrolled, and the Orthopedics department of Cangzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine was put into use, which further improved the carrying capacity of the park.The smart “6+N” intelligent management and control service mode of floating population has been explored and established, and the networked management of the floating population in the jurisdiction has been realized. This experience has been promoted in the whole city.There is no end to the study and education of Party history, and there is no end to the practice of “DOING practical things for the people”.The relevant person in charge of the Management Committee of Cangzhou High-tech Zone said that they will continue to deepen the understanding and understanding of the Party’s history, focus on the needs and wishes of the masses, and carry out the practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses” to solve people’s worries, relieve people’s difficulties, warm people’s hearts, and constantly improve the people’s sense of happiness and gain.