Kunming a car illegal u-turn was reported by netizens!After traffic police verify, fine!Points!

2022-05-05 0 By

Recently, the official microblog of @Kunming Traffic Police received a report from Netizens in Chuncheng, saying:In February 5 at 17:22 a white car in Beijing road and Lin Yu road intersection illegal u-turn seriously affected the normal driving of other vehicles and provide relevant evidence △ Spring City netizens provided after receiving a report, the district traffic police ten brigade immediately to report clues for verification, by comparison with a large number of video monitoring information,Finally verify the illegal vehicle license plate and confirm the reported vehicle illegal fact is true.Later, the police informed the driver, Surnamed Chen, to cooperate with the investigation and handling of the incident.On February 11, Chen admitted his traffic violation to the brigade.△ Involved in the driver Chen to accept the investigation and processing of the inquiry, Chen said that the same day its driving through Beijing road and Lin Yu road intersection south, because the road is not familiar with the wrong lane, after ignoring the ban sign instructions at the intersection illegal U-turn.In the end, because of the implementation of Chen motor vehicle violation of the ban mark instructions of illegal behavior, the police imposed a fine of 150 yuan, 3 points.Chen to their illegal u-turn caused inconvenience to others apologize, the future must comply with traffic laws and regulations.Source: Kunming traffic police editor: Wu Chenping Editor: Li Xing Final: Zhou Jianjun