Has Canada ever been to the World Cup?

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Canada went to the World Cup in Mexico.Football is a sport covering a very wide area in the world, including our country, there are countless people who like football, and there are many people who love football.Now let’s talk about football. How popular is the ball game, one of the world’s most popular sports?In the following articles, we will also talk about Canadian football teams and the achievements of Canadian football teams.Football football is one of the ball games with a large audience in the world, also known as the “world’s first game”, the origin of the original football is not from Europe, but From China’s “Cuju” evolved.However, when the Arabs came to China, they thought this game was very good. After learning it, they brought it to Europe. After “Cuju” was spread to Europe, it was deeply loved by the Westerners.2, Canada team football as a “world first movement”, many countries have their own national soccer team, Canada is no exception, canadians are very love football, according to incomplete statistics, nearly one million people to participate in soccer, Canada in Canadian football status in people’s mind.Canadian children can get in touch with football when they are young, because there are many football fields in Canada, and The Canadian football team is a team growing up in this environment.3, the achievement of team Canada team achievement in countries around the World Cup football team, or more generally, Canadian football team also entered the World Cup final in Mexico, but there is no special outstanding achievements, the main reason or Canadian way of life, they take sports as a hobby in life, and the team members are selected,But compared to the more professional teams, it can seem amateurish.