I wonder what you guys talk about every day?God reply: provoke angry, coax a day

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I am 36 years old, go to the kitchen to pour water to drink, my mother shouted in the living room: can not secretly poke steamed buns to play oh, steamed to eat oh!God replied: No matter how old you are, your father’s septwolves are always ready for you.Get married in November this year, go to daughter-in-law in December her elder sister home beat her brother-in-law, angry at the end of January and beat her brother-in-law in the old man’s family, is the second day of this year still used to go to the old man’s family?Will I be beaten if I go?!God reply: have to go, your old father-in-law isn’t still haven’t hit?Guys, my dad beat me up in my 20s.Because of the village today someone funeral, I see pageantry quite big, and then said: I do not know that I died have so big pageantry!He heard me and he beat me!God: Your dad wants to see you.I’ll whisper that I’m afraid of the dark. Can you walk me upstairs?You turned on the voice-activated lights halfway across the floor.Good boy, you are good!God reply: at that time I was also afraid, just want to shout a voice to strengthen courage.What does it mean to ask a girl out and ask you to come to the drugstore for eye drops?God replied: now she is blind to find you date.That’s it!I wonder what you guys talk about every day?God reply: provoke angry, coax a day.I just finished watching naruto 720 for the third time today, so if you have any questions about naruto, please ask me.Is Sasuke’s chijo ac or DC?Broke up with girlfriend for 4 years, suddenly ask me all one’s life have a few 4 years, how high emotional intelligence reply?There are many four years in a lifetime, but the four years with you can never be replaced.Two days blind date 4, you do not take the initiative to look for their chat they do not take to look for you, install what high cold ah!God replied: is it possible that people take 10 photos a day?