Rural revitalization | yongxing village alliance: seasonal vegetables planted

2022-05-06 0 By

In spring, everything grows.Chinese cabbage, green beans and other seasonal vegetables are transplanted at tianrun Plantation in Suining City, Yongxing township, North China’s Jiangsu Province, Feb. 18, 2019.”It is a good time for spring ploughing. There is no time to delay.”The villagers who work at the scene told reporters.It is understood that the union village has now introduced 25 enterprises, the whole village land circulation of more than 1600 mu, for the development of modern agricultural industry in the village and the realization of rural revitalization laid a solid foundation.In the eyes of Hu Qingqing, secretary of the Party general Branch and director of the village committee of the Union Village, tianrun Plantation in Suining city is the most representative among all the settled enterprises.Reporters learned that as an enterprise with a total investment of more than 2 million yuan, it is not big in many projects, but it is the first union village can provide services for enterprises and villagers.It is reported that in January 2021, the “two committees” of Union Village and Tianrun Plantation of Suining city reached an investment agreement, and the enterprises settled in Union Village to invest in the construction of 100 mu vegetable greenhouses, and supporting the construction of industrial roads, drip irrigation, heating control facilities and storage equipment.Plantation after the construction, the league village “two committees” actively help the plantation with the other enterprises in the village and the villagers, the plantation cultivation technology and sales channels broadcast, set up the enterprise and enterprise, enterprise and peasant household co-construction and sharing platform, greatly reduces the new house enterprise operating costs, improve the enterprise output, revealed a win-win situation.”We have just been in contact with the agricultural vegetable industry for a short time, so the planting technology and management are still groping, especially the sales channels, but also need to be further expanded. With the help of peers like Tianrun Plantation, many problems will be easily solved.”Union village 6 vegetable farmers tang Zhiqiang said.Boshan rong media reporter Bukai photo provided by the union village