Small eczema, how can not go away?

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Dry skin with dandruff, but also small red papules;From time to time there are small blisters, there will be serous leakage after the scratch;Itchy, itchy, itchy, it’s hard to sleep…Children grow, parents notice the first time, this is eczema!Moisturize your baby immediately.When it comes to the working cub, bear with it and ask for leave to go to the hospital, the money will be deducted!As a result, small problems became chronic eczema!”Eczema” is no more a rash caused by “damp” or “moisture” than a cucumber is a “yellow melon”.It may be called “wet” because severe eczema shows signs of “seepage”.Dry eczema, atopic dermatitis, and dry have a certain relationship: dry environment makes the skin protection function weakened, prone to redness, cracking, itching and other eczema performance.In addition, there are a lot of causes of eczema, chronic eczema may and physical, repeated contact with stimulating substances or allergic substances.* Note: The following content is extracted from the public problems of the Doctor of Syringa, the relevant information and photos have been removed to protect the patient’s privacy.After a few days of recovery from the hormone cream prescribed by my doctor, I stopped myself.After a month, it grew out again.I went to two doctors, but it kept coming back.On the arm this became limbs and face appeared slowly, how can grow all the time?Do I have to wear hormone cream all the time?What happened to not using hormonal creams?Deng Lin, chief dermatologist the most effective treatment medically proven for eczema is topical hormones, but they must be combined with moisturizing products.The basic external treatment of eczema is moisturizing products, vaseline ointment is a better choice.Mometasone furoate, betamethasone (prescription) or triamcinolone acetonide (hydrocortisone butyrate can be used on the face) are all safe and have no side effects on the limbs.Choose one of the above hormone ointment, at least twice a day, usually itching can also be painted more.Do not mix hormonal ointment with moisturizer. Apply hormonal ointment first and leave 10 minutes before applying moisturizer.Usually continuous use of half a month to a month will improve, after the improvement of hormone ointment do not stop medicine, can be changed to once a day, maintain a week, then change to every other day, maintain a week.Eventually, it can be reduced to twice a week, and after two months of long-term maintenance, you can try to stop the medication. If you stop the medication and relapse, you can go back to twice a week. If you stop the medication and it doesn’t relapse, you can stop the medication.But moisturizing products do not reduce the amount, can be long-term routine daub, to prevent recurrence.In addition, at ordinary times to ensure as far as possible cool environment, conducive to the self-healing of eczema.Anyone who has ever experienced eczema must remember that once it itches, the scratching of the skin is almost non-stop, followed by repeated, long episodes.In addition to protection, moisturizing, it is important to use drugs reasonably, refuse to drag small problems into chronic diseases, continuous redness and itching, and even seepage, it is necessary to use drugs.If there are eczema like symptoms, it is recommended to consult a doctor first, then follow the doctor’s advice to take medicine, regular follow-up examination, to avoid recurrence of eczema.Eczema at different times also needs to be treated with different hormone drugs.If the blind use of “non-drug eczema ointment”, “antibacterial cream”, “pure natural ointment” and so on, resulting in skin allergy or excessive hormone consequences, it is not worth the loss!Online consultation three armour doctors, online prescription drugs start!Limited benefits for limited time!Planning production planning: small | producers: big ling article illustrated: clove design team doctor