The United Front Work Department of the DUNhuang Municipal Committee of the CPC Organized research on ethnic unity and progress

2022-05-06 0 By

In order to further promote the national national unity and progress demonstration city to establish the work, tamp the grassroots work foundation.Recently, the United Front Work Department of dunhuang Municipal Committee of the CPC organized a special investigation on the creation of ethnic unity and progress. Solongge, member of the Standing Committee of dunhuang Municipal Committee of the CPC and head of the United Front Work Department of dunhuang Municipal Committee of the CPC participated in the investigation.The research team visited Mogao Town, Mogaoli Artisan Village, the civic center, Liyuan Community and Tibetan Hospital to inspect the education, publicity and promotion of ethnic unity and progress, listen to the reports of relevant leaders on the work of ethnic unity and progress, and understand the problems and difficulties in the work.Solonga stressed, first to strengthen leadership responsibility, promote the implementation of the work.Townships, each department should deeply understand the importance of creating the national unity progress ShiFan, especially I’d head unit and the main leaders of party and government, to create national unity progress ShiFan gripper, thorough development progress of ethnic unity education work, the casting cell community consciousness into various industries and in all areas of the Chinese nation, promoting the development of dunhuang national work quality.Second, we must adhere to the standards and tables, improve the quality of work.All towns and departments should check the indicator system, clarify their responsibilities, pay close attention to the time points, plan the layout systematically, carefully sort out existing problems and weak links, make a rectification task list, break it down item by item, clarify the responsibility to the person, and ensure that all work tasks are completed in both quality and quantity.Third, we need to strengthen supervision and inspection to improve work effectiveness.We need to be problem-oriented, carry out in-depth supervision and inspection, effectively check loopholes and fill gaps, and consolidate the grassroots foundation. We need to rectify problems found in the course of development in a timely manner. We need to focus on key areas of work, make coordinated efforts, and ensure that targets are set, ideas are set, and measures are taken.Fourth, to strengthen the typical publicity, create a good atmosphere.All towns and departments should dig into the city’s advanced figures and model deeds, use integrated media centers, “hand-held dunhuang” and village loudspeakers to carry out publicity and reporting work, educate people around them with the things around them, and guide people of all ethnic groups to strengthen their consciousness of thinking and action in safeguarding ethnic unity and promoting social harmony.The awareness rate, participation and satisfaction of the work of ethnic unity and progress will be constantly enhanced to create a strong atmosphere in Dunhuang that “the Chinese nation as a family works together to build the Chinese Dream”.(source: United Front Work Department of Dunhuang Municipal Party Committee)