The wisdom of Shui Qingxia is that she can clearly see the gap between Japanese and Chinese women’s football, but still lead the team to victory

2022-05-06 0 By

Last night, this morning and throughout today, news of China beating Japan 6-5 to reach the Final of the Asian Women’s Soccer Cup topped the most popular search lists on all platforms, despite the fact that some games of the Winter Olympics have already started early and the start of the Winter Olympics is just around the corner.This also shows from one side, after the Chinese men’s football team kept breaking the lowest score, and the performance is getting worse and worse, let people see only disappointment, The Chinese women’s football team still brings us confidence, hope and strength.Huang Jianxiang, for example, said on his social media account after China’s women’s soccer team won the match against Japan that he had cried twice over soccer in recent days.One was when the Men’s team lost to Vietnam, and the other was when the women’s team won the Asian Cup semifinal against Japan.What makes us more proud and moved is that the Chinese women’s football players, in the case of wang Shuang, the main force of the Chinese women’s football team, was unable to play due to a sprained ankle, but they still fought hard to equalize the score in extra time and came back 4-3 in the penalty shootout.Here, indeed, the spiritual level of significance is higher than the technical strength of the competition.The 6-4 ratio of possession between the two sides, and the 13-4 ratio of shots on goal, also attest to the gap in technical ability between the two sides.Shui Qingxia, who just became the coach of The Chinese women’s football team on November 18, is also the biggest contributor behind this great turnaround. It is her tactics, substitutions and constant recognition and encouragement to the players that make the girls complete the final great turnaround and become impossible.In the press conference after the match, Shui Qingxia specifically mentioned that before the penalty kick, she always told her players: We have twice equalized the score, in the psychological advantage, show confidence and play well, there is a chance to become the ultimate winner.Obviously, the psychological counseling of Shui Qingxia also played a great role in the players, so we saw Zhu Yu save two penalties, and Wang Shanshan also achieved the most crucial penalty point in the shootout after finishing the last minute of extra time.However, for Shui Qingxia, she is powerful and respected not only because she used her wisdom and composure to help The Chinese women’s soccer team achieve a victory that had eluded them for six years, but also because she helped the Chinese women’s soccer team find a way out and win against their opponents.And you can clearly see the gap between the two sides in terms of technical strength and overall play.This is a real calm and capable manager to bring us the biggest move.Or to put it another way, even though all the fans were moved and all the players involved were passionate, the really strong Shui Qingxia kept telling herself with her calmness what she wanted to do next with the Chinese women’s soccer team.When Coach Shui Qingxia faced different media, she gave some similar comments on Chinese women’s football team and Japanese women’s football team.Such as Shanghai sports media reporter to interview her, asking her to analyse, Chinese and Japanese women’s fight ShuiQingXia guidance on Chinese women’s football players of the vigor for key for sure, but when it comes to both sides of the technical ability, she still gives a cool judgment is to clearly recognize the compared with Japan, there are still a certain gap.Therefore, Shui said that this aspect will be a major direction of her team training in the future.After the match, the Japanese women’s football team formed a circle on the spot. From the coach to the players, they discussed where the team lost at the first time, which proved that the other team was not satisfied with the defeat. In the future, they would try their best to win back the lost match after such a defeat.Therefore, for the guidance of Shui Qingxia and the girls of the Chinese Women’s football team, we really need to make full preparations for difficulties in the future. In addition to preserving the spirit of tenacious struggle and not giving up until the last moment, we must improve our technical and tactical ability and grasp of technical details.Once again, let’s congratulate the Chinese Women’s football team and coach Shui Qingxia.Hopefully in the final, we can see them lift the Women’s Asian Cup trophy again.Of course, we also want to thank the vice president of the Football Association Sun Wen, with their own firm and persistence, shui Qingxia pushed into the position of China women’s football coach.