Tuanfeng 18 families answered “High score” for clean family style

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Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (MAO Lin) “my husband and I are party cadres, as a clean family representative, inherit good family tradition, not only to be a good wife, but also to be a good family help, the family construction into a warm, clean, happy harbor, to promote clean wind construction contribute family strength.”In early March, Tuanfeng county held the celebration of “March eighth” and clean family commendation conference, clean family representative of a county mobile company comprehensive manager Zheng Huarong shared with you their daily reminders of each other, blowing the “pillow wind” story, won the scene frequently applause.Spring breeze sends warm meaning, lian Yun Qin Xinpi.Since the beginning of the year, the county commission for Discipline inspection and supervision of the county women’s federation and other units in accordance with the worship of integrity and virtue, love and dedication, worship thrift and extravagance and other selection conditions, in the whole society to carry out a wide range of activities to find “clean family”.After three months of screening and evaluation, a total of 18 families were honored.There are both village-level cadres and ordinary party members in the family, as well as ordinary people and enterprise personnel in the family. They have different identities but the same moral character. They know the integrity of the family and build a line of defense against corruption together.On-site recognition.For figure 18 “clean families” recognition cadre families have said, “wife” in the future will continue to take family “inexpensive samyama” responsibility, give full play to the family oversight role, from the details of the family life, scratching symptom, tend to be a good goalkeeper, family integrity, the propagandist, monitors, and hold up clean terms “half the sky”.In recognition of the conference, also invited experts to interpret the scene for everyone “family education promotion Law”, actively guide the majority of families to establish a correct, incorruptible family education concept, according to the law to fulfill the responsibility of family education.To guide the broad masses of party members and cadres in recent years, a good start-up construction this way “will answer,” being a good and honest good cultivate one’s morality, honesty and its example, county commission for discipline inspection of the prison by the joint county women’s federation, the county party committee organization department, such as responsibility unit to carry out the series of activities, through the anti-corruption warning education, a talk, to carry out the family remarks, a court to pledge, honest letter show,We will continue to work hard on the construction of clean family style, strengthen the foundation of clean culture, and gather strong “clean power” for the construction of clean group style.Statement: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.