Wuling, Yueyang Tower two public security organs to carry out police exchanges

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In order to further promote the cooperation and exchange of wuling and Yueyang District police, on February 16, 23 people from Wuling Branch of Changde Municipal Public Security Bureau, under the leadership of Huang Junhua, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and executive deputy director of the Wuling Branch, went to Yueyang Branch of public security bureau to carry out exchanges on police work.Yueyang LouQu deputy prefects, branch secretary of the party committee, director of the people’s government of Yu Xin and branch of the bureau leadership to attend the activities in the home, branch of command and political work, police, insurance, handling center, the auxiliary police department, network technology yueyang brigade, patrol, security, rule of law, forensic, drug control, economic, intelligence, anti-terrorism, JiJianBan, east MaoLing, head of the police station to attend.First, the bureau held a welcome seminar in the conference room on the sixth floor of the bureau.At the meeting, Lu Haifeng, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and political Commissary, warmly welcomed The arrival of Huang Junhua and his delegation. He hoped that through this exchange, the public security of Wuling and Yueyang Tower could strengthen the police cooperation between the two places, learn together, and boost the public security work of the two places to a new level and create new situations.Li Yuexing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and deputy director of the bureau made an overall introduction to the public security work.Afterwards, Comrade Huang Junhua and his delegation visited the hardware and software facilities in each functional area of the branch organs respectively, and learned about the Settings of each functional area. The relevant police departments of the branch respectively explained the construction concept, personnel allocation, management mechanism and other aspects.After the visit, the investigation group was divided into four groups, respectively to each branch of the police branch to exchange team management, attack treatment, law enforcement supervision, combined operations and other work.In the afternoon, the investigation team also came to the branch law enforcement case management center, east Maoling police station visit, inspection and exchange of public security management, community policing and anti-terrorism work.Jun-hua huang thanked the warm reception of branch, the branch institutions, center of team management, flow, as work highly recognized, and I hope to communicate with the expedition as an opportunity to further build the communication between both of the public security organ learning mechanism, deepen cooperation, expand exchanges, learn from each other, improve together, promoting both police career to a new level.Yu Xin pointed out that the investigation and exchange fully reflects the friendly relations between the two public security organs, profound friendship.The branch sincerely welcomes the exchange and investigation of the brother units, and also thanks the Wuling Public Security Bureau for coming from afar. It provides new ideas and inspirations for maintaining social security and stability and promoting the development of public security work. It is a rare opportunity for mutual learning, mutual assistance and mutual progress, and also a good beginning for expanding police cooperation.The sub-bureau will take this as an opportunity to work together for common development and draw a blueprint together to further boost the better and faster development of Yueyang Tower public security.More alerts please pay attention | Yueyang Tower public security editor: Li Ya Review: Ren Bin signed: Fang Jiaozhong Picture: Gong Lin, Pan Deng/text: Li Ya
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