Lantern Festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month

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Reporter Zhou Meng zhang Lingwen/photo “The Fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival is the last festival of the year, but also the most authentic and lively folk cultural activities of the time, guess lantern riddles, taste yuanxiao, watch folk performances…A “trouble” word, out of the Lantern Festival jubilation, warm, but also out of the people of the New Year’s good weather in peace and hope.In the government office, more than 1,000 lantern riddles are hung under the antique building corridor for citizens to solve.It is worth mentioning that this year’s lantern riddle of Nanyang Fuya incorporates the couplet culture of the fuya, so that the citizens who come to solve the riddle can find the answer in the play and enjoy the fuya culture in the play.In the performing arts hall of the government office, the handmade “Fu Hu” made by traditional craftsmen is welcomed by children. Children can also make their own “Fu Hu”.Under the long corridor on both sides of the medical shrine, riddles based on traditional Chinese medicine culture are favored by the public. They gather around the riddles and ponder over how to solve the riddles. From time to time, the riddles are solved happily.Citizen Ms Zhang said: “Today children play very happy, not only experienced the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival, but also to learn more about zhongjing culture, Traditional Chinese medicine culture, harvest a lot.”Into the city museum, in addition to the public can be in the “Prince Wu Ding national treasure exhibition”, five theme exhibition hall, “Renyin Speech tiger” exhibition and other cultural feast, but also free to taste the three-color pigeon food Co., Ltd. prepared dumplings.Folk arts and crafts exhibition is on display in the city cultural center, the various forms of cloth tiger attracted visitors to stop and watch.According to the staff, the exhibition works cover jade carving, pyrography, Han painting, pottery, clay sculpture and other 20 categories, the exhibition of nearly 300 pieces of high-quality goods, a complete range of high-quality goods, let the public feel the excellent traditional culture of nanyang local characteristics in the visit.In the high-tech zone in xi cultural park, gongs, jollification, folk activities such as lion dancing, delimit land boat take turns, to visit visit residents in an endless stream, darling of the lion dance catches the eye of the children, the scene interaction warm, many people take phone taps video, photo, taken the scenes of joy.Lantern Festival is one of China’s traditional festivals, rich and colorful activities, happy and peaceful atmosphere, so that the public spent a warm, happy, lively Lantern Festival, but also feel the charm of traditional culture.Editor: Feng Changshun Review: Li Ping Final review: Bai Banxue