Question 27 (Sunrise time, sunrise location)

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The sun rises and sets in different directions in different seasons.In the northern Hemisphere, for example, the direction of sunrise and sunset is: (1) summer half year (vernal equinox – summer solstice – autumn equinox) : northeast sunrise, northwest sunset;(2) The winter half year (autumn equinox – winter solstice – spring equinox) : southeast sunrise, southwest sunset;Spring equinox/autumn equinox: sunrise due east, sunset due west.In the southern hemisphere, the sun rises and sets in the same direction as in the northern hemisphere, but the sun moves southward in the northern hemisphere and northward in the southern hemisphere.The height of yancheng Radio and TV Tower is 195 meters. Read the picture of the TV tower (left picture) and the location map (right picture). Answer questions 1 or 2.1. According to the shadow of the TV tower (left picture), the most likely time (Beijing time) of the landscape photo is () a. 6:00 b. 10:00 c. 12:00 d. 16:002. The most likely date of the photo is () a. January 15 b. March 15 c. June 15 d. October 15 答案 :A. when was the photo taken? B. When was it taken?① As can be seen from the picture on the left, the shadow of the TV tower (the green line in the picture below) is roughly parallel to the left shore of the TV tower;② It corresponds to the green line in the figure on the right, which is the southwest direction.(3) The shadow is in the southwest direction, so the sun is in the northeast direction at this time.(2) Guess the date the photo was taken.At this time, the sun is located in the northeast direction, that is, the northeast sunrise;It is located in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. It is not in the Antarctic circle or the Arctic Circle. Therefore, it is the summer half year, which is between the vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox, which is between March 21 and September 23.(1) According to the direction of the shadow of the TV tower, guess the direction of the sun at this time (northeast), and then determine the approximate time (around sunrise);② According to the sun’s azimuth (sunrise azimuth) at this time, analyze the season (vernal equinox ~ autumnal equinox), and then speculate the date of the photo.