The actor, who became famous for his role in Tang Pohu light Autumn Heung, went bankrupt and did business with pirates

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Chan pak cheung, who in the classic “flirting scholar” plays one of the four big wets jiangnan ZhuZhiShan is familiar, he is not only a Stephen chow’s own supporting role, even more has the title of “world of comedy” wizards, his excellent acting skills, he has also set band in the singing contest of beating Sam hui, also set out the album, only is the record of seven concerts in hung hom,Although her acting career was booming, she went bankrupt twice due to business failures and even went into business with pirates in the Middle East, but she still rose from the bottom and did not easily bow to fate. I admire her.Chan pak cheung naturally have a good voice, and friend of Alan tam and others losers orchestra, and in Hong Kong youth music beat Sam lotus band, being so famous, but as he and Alan tam, back loser also disbanded, then transferred to the garment business, just three years is worth millions, but due to the decline in business, factory can’t sell millions of dress,Had to declare bankruptcy, did not expect him to take unsalable clothes to the Middle East to seek pirate bargaining, with every sold a draw into one yuan, reached a cooperation agreement.Chan pak cheung, after returning to Hong Kong to move into big screen debut work, even with maggie cheung cherie chung performance jing wang directed “the frog prince”, this movie not only become one of the highest-grossing film in that time, also let chan pak cheung public profile, followed by Stephen phase, and the cooperation in many movies like “the deer and the cauldron” fight back to school 3 “modern such as return palm”, etc.,Especially in the “flirting scholar” as one of the four big wets jiangnan ZhuZhiShan, is to let the audience was impressed, although is green leaf character more, but all show a born comedy talent, is also the headmaster, Stephen chow’s most famous imperial supporting role, in addition, he is more a launch debut album, seven concerts in hung hom even record, another host seems to get him,Also known as Hong Kong gold MC, all-round development of the artist.Subsequently, chan pak cheung with artists such as Jackie chan and Eric tsang, Alan tam, the Oriental charm company financing, market value to a maximum of 2.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, but in the period of the loss on an investment, lead to the borrower must have to file for bankruptcy, even if the ups and downs in life, wife Cecilia wong will be there for the side, was a wireless charge actress, she decided to a 13-year xiangfujiaozi at home after marriage,However, they have been married for 43 years but have no children. It is reported that peritonitis caused ovarian abscess and prevented them from conceiving.