Eight small actors selected shenyang city “winter Olympics promotion small emissary” attention

2022-05-08 0 By

On January 26, 2022, “Winter Olympics Promotion little emissary” Shenyang stood in the Olympic Center, Shengjing Grand Theater, PINK RINK Ice Sports Center and other places for shooting.Eight young actors from Liaoning Kunxi Culture media, including Wang Haobo, Chen Pangyiran, Kang Yuxin, Xu Enxi, Qiao Yeheng, Tan Junfei, Xu Zihan and Liu Yanze, participated in the shooting.The eight young actors showed a number of sports skills, such as dancing, ice hockey, rope skipping, skiing, etc. The director combined the city culture and sportsmanship through the lens language, perfectly presenting the Olympic spirit of solidarity, friendship, fair competition and mutual understanding.Six days from now, a grand winter Games destined to go down in Olympic history will take place in China.After seven years of preparations, China is opening up and inviting the world to the Winter Olympics.Under the banner of Wuhuan, the expectation is high, and athletes from all over the world are ready to go to this long-awaited feast of ice and snow.It is reported that the promotional video will be broadcast on CCTV and other platforms.