Equipped with particle traps, rear seats also support front and rear adjustable 18cm?

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At present, many people are very fond of powerful and good-looking SUV models, among which Tanyue performs well in this field, because this car has the appearance that young people like and adopts the latest family design style, which is very different from rival products at the same level.The front face is very delicate and domineous. The design of the front face gives a very delicate and domineous feeling. The inside of the big lamp group uses the matrix LED light source, matched with the honeycomb air intake grille.The side waist line of the body continues to the rear of the car, lengthening the visual effect, with the large size of the wheel hub, a stronger sense of sport.Tanyue’s interior style tanyue’s interior style is low-key and luxurious, and the visual effect is fashionable and layered, so the design is very fashionable;Configuration is also one of the strengths of yue, the vehicle equipped with plastic can be adjusted up and down before and after the car steering wheel, the instrument panel in cortex texture, materials and workmanship looks very exquisite, explore yue also has a 10.3 -inch LCD all instrument and 9.2 in control panel, in combination with multi-functional sports steering wheel, let go to interior also looks more sense of science and technology,And the leather perforated seats look luxurious.The length, width and height of Tanyue are 4589×1860×1660mm, and the wheelbase is 2731mm. The interior space of Tanyue is relatively spacious, and the height and width of the interior are ideal.The skylight design also increases the subjective space experience of the front and rear passengers;In addition, the rear seats of this car also support the adjustable front and rear 18cm, adjustable backrest Angle, 4/2/4 folding and the trunk bottom plate that can be adjusted up and down 2 levels. The interior space of the luggage compartment is orderly, with very good longitudinal depth, and the space performance is generally ideal.Turbocharged engine Tanyue is equipped with an EA888 2.0T turbocharged engine, which is matched with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. This power combination brings strong power to Tanyue.The maximum output power is 162kW and the maximum torque is 350Nm. The dynamic performance of the whole dynamic parameters is superior among the engines of the same level, and the measured zero hundred acceleration result is 7.6s.What’s the difference between the particle catcher? The active/passive safety configuration of the exploration is complete,Includes stability control, mobile phone wireless charging, automatic parking, HUD looked up display, before the parking radar, brake assist, automatic parking, hill auxiliary, tire pressure monitoring, active noise reduction, antilock braking, lane keep, child seats interface, fatigue after warning, parking radar, traction control, side air curtain, the braking force distribution, LED daytime running lights, the collisionAlarm/active brake configuration;Tanyu is also equipped with particle catcher, which plays a good role in environmental protection. So what are the differences between particle catcher of different brands? Generally speaking, GPF uses wall-flow honeycomb ceramic as the carrier inside, and there are many parallel axial honeycomb channels in the carrier body.Exhaust is discharged from the open inlet hole through the porous wall surface of GPF carrier to the adjacent hole;At present, the country has not set up a unified standard, so different enterprises are completely independent in material selection, channel design and target working conditions.In general, Tan Yue has a very rich sense of design modeling, full texture of the interior, full power, which fits the needs of the young mainstream crowd!