Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital Group Suqian Hospital recruitment brochure for 2022

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1, love the motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, law-abiding;Good conduct, have good professional quality, honest and trustworthy;No bad habits, no bad integrity record, good health.2. Clinical graduate students who will graduate in 2022 must complete the required training and obtain the qualification of practicing physician.3, alumni: clinical medical, can meet the need of 3 armour hospital work, have the professional work experience, gauge culture mission, obtains the qualifications of medical practitioners, to obtain the primary and the above title, age is not more than 35 years old in principle, can be special talent age () according to the need of specialized talented person echelon construction;For talents not required by regulations or not in the health category, they should have working experience in their own field and have obtained corresponding qualifications.2. Online registration is adopted. Please pack the following application materials as compressed files in the format of “name + position” and send them to materials include: 1.2. Online diploma verification report of Xuexin;3. Graduates in 2022 are required to provide transcript and employment recommendation form;4. Previous graduates need to provide educational background, degree certificate, professional title certificate and training certificate.5. Other honorary certificates and scientific research achievements obtained.3. Deadline for registration is 17:30, March 31, 2022.Applicants who have already submitted their resumes do not need to re-apply. After reviewing the application materials, examinations will be organized according to the situation and requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Please keep communication unblocked.Suqian Hospital, Nanjing Gulou Hospital Group on March 24, 2022