Oops!A 55-year-old man from Anhui province saw his 29-year-old son take medicine without a family: “I’m ashamed to live.

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There is a saying that men should get married when women should get married. However, some children have not settled down by the age of 30. Apart from the pressure on themselves, their parents also have to bear a lot of psychological pressure.Recently, a 55-year-old man from Anhui province visited his 29-year-old son, who was working in Shanghai. He found that he was not married and not satisfied with his job.Heart suddenly feel desolate, so wrote a suicide note to the armed police want to let the armed police will be suicide to the family, and tell the armed police son.He said he drank pesticides and fell to the ground before long.Armed police immediately called 120 and sent him to hospital. Due to prompt medical treatment, the father was out of danger and is still in the hospital for further treatment.He wrote in his suicide note: son, I will leave this world, you can not earn money in Shanghai for 4 years, with your mother and I tens of thousands of yuan to let you find a girlfriend, but can not find, others New Year, I rob.There are people my age in this village who have children and grandchildren, and I’m ashamed to be alive, and you’re 29 and you’ve done nothing.It seems that the man is worried about his 29-year-old son. The father wants his son to marry and have a son to make him look good, but the son is still hiding from reality and making no money, which makes the father sad.There is a netizen response: thirty-six years without marriage pass by!There are not a single unmarried son, and you will not be able to count from now to next year.There are netizens to persuade: think impassable, people live for a face?Don’t put too much pressure on the children.As parents are indeed a little bit too hard, my son drag on, I also about the same.Seeing such a note makes people cry, I feel that it is not easy to be a parent. When I was young, I worried about eating and drinking, and when I grew up, I also worried about getting married and starting a career!It is not desirable for the father to take things to extremes. If there is a problem, you need to find the cause. You are the breadwinner of the family.It is not advisable to force his son to marry in this way.As the saying goes, “children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren are blessed”. In the big data statistics society, marriage is delayed, children need some conditions to get married, and things that do not have conditions can not be done.Online exposure because the betrothal gift is still tens of thousands of not married also have.It is not easy for children to pity their parents.Encounter things or to consider the optimistic side, if always drill horn easy to cause mental illness.Maybe a good mood, a lot of things will be solved.What do you think, please pay attention to the comments, thank you!