Qingming return peak, a number of high-speed exit closed

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The above information is provided by Suzhou Wuyue Plaza, Xincheng Holding Group.For more highlights, see the promotion of shopping malls.Welcome to Suzhou Wuyue Plaza.Today (April 5) high-speed free countdown due in tomb sweeping day holiday this year on the last day of the highway and urban road traffic in and out of the city greatly both in drive and public transportation should pay attention to travel security issue weather suzhou weather weather forecast: today is the day to night, sunny to cloudy, PianNaFeng 2 ~ 3 grade, the highest temperature 22 ~ 24 ℃.Real-time traffic and what about the highway so far?Xiaobian for your summary up to 9:51 on April 5 car more slow down: Ji-Guang Expressway: Yuan Zhai export.Germany on the highway: Yongcheng to Huainan direction of woyang east exit.Jie Fu musheng high speed: Bengbu to jiexin direction, jiexin to Bengbu direction jiexin exit.According to the requirements of the local government: Li Wu highway: Henggang entrance closed, shuiyang exit closed.Lu-tong Expressway: Fushan entrance and exit closed, nihe exit closed.Hexu Expressway: Jiuzi entrance and exit closed, suzhou south exit closed.Chuxin Highway: Maoji, Yingshang, Yingshang east entrance closed.German-shanghai Expressway: fengtai north entrance closed, Woyang north, Meicun, Dangshan north exit closed, Woyang east, Fengtai entrance closed.Shanghai-wuhan Expressway: Lintou exit closed.The taebaek Island service area was temporarily closed, the Cheonggye service area was temporarily closed, and taebaek Island gas station was temporarily closed.Shanghai-chongqing Expressway: Henglangshan, tongling east entrance closed, Anqing North, Yinhui, Guangde West, Cross south, cross north exit closed, Tongling to Xuancheng direction hanting service area entrance temporarily closed, Xuancheng to Tongling direction hanting service area entrance temporarily closed.Ji-guang Expressway: fuyang east, south zhao entrance and exit closed.Ningwu highway: Nanjing to Wuhu direction of Maanshan north exit temporarily closed.Temporary closure of entrance and exit of Taibai Service Area.Xuming high – speed: wuhe west exit closed.Yanluo Expressway: Suzhou east, Sixian, Tiefo, huaibei south exit closed, suzhou north small buses and blue truck banned.Two – way gas stations in suzhou service area were temporarily closed.Jie Fu clam high speed: taihe entrance and exit closed, li Xin east, Li Xin west exit closed.Huangwu high-speed: Jingde west, Jingxian south export closed.Xuancheng Expressway: Xuancheng north exit closed.Temporary closure of entrance and exit of Green Kam Service Area.Xuantong Expressway: Sunbu, Ningguo and Zhongxi exits are closed.Li Ning high speed: Yangtan, A road, Hu Le, Jinsha exit closed.Tonghuang high speed: Lingyang, Taiping Lake, East Huangshan, five cities, Longtian export closed.Huangfu high speed: Xiuli, Xiuning exit closed.Anton Expressway: East flow exit closed.Chuzhou branch: chestnut export closed.Ningxuan Highway: The exit of Bilqiao closed, Dingdian hub Xuancheng north to the direction of Bilqiao, Xuancheng mutual to the direction of Bilqiao temporary closed.Lianhuo high speed: Xiaoxian south exit only truck access, xiaoxian east exit only passenger car access.Huangta Tao Expressway: temporary closure of two-way xiuning service area entrance.Hefei Ring Expressway: the entrance of the two-way zhongxing service area is closed.Chaohuang Expressway: the two-way entrance and exit of Nanling Family development service area are closed.Wu-hefei Highway: The entrance of Chaohu service area from Hefei to Wuhu was temporarily closed, and the service of gas stations in Chaohu service area from Hefei to Wuhu was suspended.In addition, each toll station square in the province is set up according to the requirements of the local government.1. During the Qingming Festival holiday, there may be intermittent queuing and slow movement at the entrances and exits of toll stations due to epidemic prevention and control and real-time control measures.It is suggested that the public should keep a safe distance from each other at any time, do not plug in and out at will, listen to the command of the field staff, wait patiently and pass in turn.2. Public green sacrifices are advocated under the epidemic.Through flower worship, smoke-free worship, family memorial, Internet worship, tree planting outing and other modern civilized thrifty worship to remember the deceased, actively respond to change customs, advocate new civilized wind, protect the ecological environment, at the same time do a good job of prevention of the epidemic, make the Tomb-sweeping Day more civilized, thrifty, green and safe.Xiaobian finally remind today return there is a very important thing that the freeway time is coming to an end small passenger cars need to get off the highway before 24 o ‘clock today to free tolls!Notification of investigation and disposal of the case of “Death of a student in Yugou Middle School” by the Investigation team of Lingbi County Party Committee and County Government Suzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Notice (No. 8, 2022) Total investment of 90.206 billion YUAN!Involving 45 projects in Suzhou!Temporary closure of multiple intersections!Completed in May 2023!About our wechat public account, suzhou Radio and Television wechat public account, Suzhou news wechat video account, the website of Suzhou Radio and Television video account, suzhou news will take you to find more different ~