Shijiazhuang city federation of trade Unions your doorstep of the model culture wall to see it?

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According to hebei workers news, 10 national model workers photos and deeds, about the most glorious, the most noble, the greatest labor, the most beautiful labor;28 enterprises carrying 4 trains of different times present the history of Shijiazhuang’s industrial development…Residents are attracted by the cultural wall at tan Nan intersection of Qingyuan Street, Chang ‘an district of Shijiazhuang, north China’s Hebei Province, Jan. 25, 2019.This is just completed shijiazhuang industrial mark culture corridor.Streets and alleys, like the capillaries of a city, seem insignificant, but they are the closest to the residents’ heart, and also the closest cultural road to spread the spirit of model workers to the masses of residents.Recently, the residents of qingyuan street found that on the wall outside their homes, they displayed the glorious deeds of model workers and the past and present lives of many enterprises. They laughed and said, “You can learn the model worker culture at your door.””How to not only change the appearance, but also inject culture and soul into the streets has become a ‘vexing’ problem for qingyuan Sub-district Office of Chang ‘an District in Shijiazhuang to carry out renovation activities of back streets in 2021.”Qingyuan street Party working Committee secretary Zhang Chao said, is at a loss, Shijiazhuang City federation of trade Unions squat research group stationed in qingyuan Street office, the matter ushered in a turning point.”It can be said that this is a gathering place for the living areas of enterprise employees.”Shijiazhuang city federation of trade unions level researcher Li Mingchen said that he was as casing group leader, led casing group through the surrounding area to the analysis of the characteristics, communities that around the green garden street and talk about south road jiaokou, distribution of the cotton spinning factory, cotton spinning factory of three living areas, and the first dyeing, knitting factory, power plant living area, home to a lot of on-the-job worker and retiree.In particular, the need to upgrade the wall, is the second cotton mill living area outside the wall.”To build a cultural wall showing model workers and enterprises not only accords with the characteristics of this place, but also can promote the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, the spirit of craftsmen in the nearest place to residents, so that the culture of model workers like spring weathering rain, infiltrate people.”Li Mingchen said, a train of thought, the city federation of trade union propaganda and education department cadres consulted a large number of historical data, collected a large number of text, picture information, and organized into a book.Zhang Huizeng, secretary of the party group and executive vice chairman of the Chang ‘an District Federation of Trade Unions, learned of the matter and decided to allocate 50,000 yuan of funds to support the work.After several months of design and construction, a total of 44 exhibition boards, a total length of 223 meters of Shijiazhuang industrial imprint culture corridor was completed.The content includes the model worker propaganda wall and the industrial development of Shijiazhuang.The length of the model worker propaganda wall is about 50 meters;Four trains of different periods are used as models to show the historical process of Shijiazhuang’s industrial development since the founding of The People’s Republic of China. 28 representative enterprises are selected, 119 photos and 28 enterprise profiles are displayed, and the length of the exhibition line is about 167 meters.”The national model worker Qiu Suogui originally is cotton two stop car worker, I go to work has been learning ‘Qiu Suogui work method’, now can see these at home, really miss.”Wang Peijun, a retired worker from the second cotton mill, said, “Model workers’ culture on the wall not only beautifies the neighborhood, but also educates a new generation of young people. This is a practical and good thing.”After the completion of shijiazhuang industrial mark cultural corridor, fully shows the model artisans, cultural elements and spiritual connotation of enterprise development, city federation of trade unions residents hope it can be the beauty of the blocks to admire the view, more carry forward the spirit of labor model, working spirit, the spirit of craftsman culture blocks, in order to speed up the construction of modernization and internationalization make contributions beautiful capital city.(Gao Chao, reporter of Hebei Workers’ Daily) Editor in charge: Yin Wenzhuo