Venus personally taught her husband to play mahjong, Hans “look at his wife’s eyes” so sweet, love for 18 years enviable

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On February 19, Jin Xing posted a video of her and Hans playing mahjong together on social media, with the caption: “Hans can’t resist the temptation of traditional entertainment mahjong!”# Venus”, Venus tried to explain to her husband, pay attention to Hans’ eyes, hands on his chin, like a schoolboy staring at his wife, this is really sweet!After a Venus explanation, Hans eager to try, want to personally play two games, Venus told Hans don’t worry, she will guide beside.It is reported that the gold Star mahjong table is expensive, in Paris, France to buy amber mahjong, is an old object, during the Chinese New Year, we often come to kill time game, is playing mahjong with friends and relatives.When Hans has mahjong listen to the mouth, but also a proud face let everyone be careful to fire, Venus in one hand chin, to help her husband staff.When Hans lit his own cannon, he looked innocent, indicating pain in his heart.These two really know how to play, as well as many young people.For 18 years Hans had gone grey and bald, and his love for Venus had not changed.Take a look at one of Venus’s social media accounts, and it’s all about Hans.Venus is an excellent dancer, she is an excellent stand-up actress, and she is an excellent wife.Since the beginning of the year, Venus and Hans began to post a sweet video, until now after the year, she is still showing her husband to teach mahjong love appearance, it seems that Jin Jie is trying to carry out the love.A few days ago, Venus Hans and his wife were having a dinner with friends on a cruise ship. Unexpectedly, Hans took the initiative to kiss Venus.10 days ago, Venus sent a message: “We met 18 years ago today, and we are still in love 18 years later…Thirty-eight years from now we’ll be old photos!Jin Xing and Hans have been together for 18 years. From the questioning at the beginning, to the attack, to the respect, understanding and support now, Jin Xing has proved how cool her way of living is with her actions.Many netizens said: “Although she did not give birth, but she is a qualified mother, the world sober, transparent people, worthy of respect, this kind of real and dare to say people are too few, people’s life is just like a dream, fleeting, just a few decades to live the way you want, good.””Successful man!A lover, a child, a career, a successful sex change operation, really live into what you want to look, how many so-called normal men and women, not as happy as her.There’s nothing to complain about. She has a good child and a rich husband who won’t cheat on her because she’s X.”Venus adopted three children, the eldest named Dudu, the second daughter is nini, the third is called xiao SAN.Now the three children have grown up, and the oldest is taller than the mother.The confident appearance of the three children shows that they grew up in a happy family. They were originally children of the welfare institution, and their happy family and bright future were all brought by Venus.Jin Xing hasn’t posted such a neat photo of her family of five for a long time, presumably to protect her children.These three children had been unlucky until they met Venus and were lucky to grow up in a home with material wealth and respect for themselves.