Weihai High-tech Zone two industrial clusters this year hit 100 billion target

2022-05-08 0 By

The construction of HP brand Industrial Park printer project in Weihai High-tech Zone is racing against time in order to complete the project by the end of May.After the project is completed and put into operation, the annual output of various types of printers will be 10 million. In the near future, one out of every three printers in the world will be “made in Weihai”, and Weihai will become the “printer capital of the world”.At the beginning of the New Year, Weihai High-tech Zone takes the word “early” as the priority, starts with the word “tight”, goes all out to promote enterprise production and pushes forward project construction.This year, the high-tech Zone plans to implement 97 provincial and municipal key projects, mainly in the high-end platform, medical equipment, OA equipment, new materials and products and other industries, including 66 projects such as the second phase of Weigao vaccine, Haizhen biological extraction and research and development, Dishang Intelligent manufacturing platform, Shichuang Medical, future robots and so on.In recent years, with the core of “chain investment”, the high-tech zone has implemented the “563” strategy of industrial multiplication, and built two 100 billion industrial clusters centering on the investment selection of five clusters.”Electronic Information and Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park has introduced four world top 500 enterprises, INCLUDING HP, Jeep, Lenovo Image and Foxconn, and has become a national five-star industrial demonstration base.Medical devices and Biomedicine Industrial Park has been selected as the national New-type industrial Demonstration Base and national innovation-oriented industrial cluster pilot, with a brand value of 62.1 billion yuan in 2021, ranking first in the province’s manufacturing park for two consecutive years.”In weihai city’s investment promotion and capital introduction and project construction engines propulsion conference, weihai hi-tech zone working committee secretary, director of liu wei flashed out thick “money” and full of them, “this year, the high-tech zone will speed up the implementation of weigao biological vaccine, medical union bridge, Hong Kong and new materials, lenovo image phase ii and other key projects, industrial cluster level impact billions of new goals.”While the industry gathers, the enterprise also speeds up “expands”.In 2021, the income of 34 enterprises in the high-tech Zone will increase by more than 20%, and the industrial income, industrial profit, industrial added value and other indicators will rank first in the city, ranking 52nd in the top 100 of high-quality development in national parks.Weigao, Disheng and HP are all “chain masters” of the 100-billion-level industrial cluster. These “chain masters” not only grow by more than 20% themselves, but also drive the coordinated development of “chain” enterprises. HP has led 13 enterprises in the industrial chain to pay more than 10 million in taxes, which fully proves the driving effect of industrial cluster.What enterprises are willing to come and compete with each other is a high-quality business ecosystem.The high-tech zone adheres to the principle of industrial investment promotion, professional investment promotion and full staff service, and has constructed a closed loop of “project promotion, inspection room supervision and assessment of project promotion”.Under the professional service, not only the constraints of factors are broken, but also the hearts of investors are touched. The CHIEF executive officer of HP supply Chain once said, “Weihai team is the most professional, dedicated and efficient team I have ever contacted in the world.”After repeated investment promotion campaigns, this year, the high-tech Zone will launch a brand new service brand for key enterprises and projects — “All according to the order, happy to do”. It will further improve the six elements of “land, policy, innovation, capital, human resources, law” guarantee system to create the best business environment.(Dazhong Newspaper · Dazhong Daily client reporter Tao Xiangyin correspondent Feng Shuxiu)