Westbrook: Lebron is fine. A few more games

2022-05-08 0 By

The lakers’ lebron James is the biggest concern, Westbrook said in a Feb. 2 interview. “I don’t think James is okay,” westbrook said. “We haven’t talked about basketball.Westbrook has been the most talked about player since he joined the Lakers, regardless of how he’s played this season, but westbrook is very honest, straightforward and doesn’t hide anything, and we’re sure James is fine and we’ll see him running on the court soon.James really is a standard yourself, the other team players injured are blessing, love dearly, and James is injured only the blessings of iron powder, and the other, said he was older, need to have a rest, James really need to have a rest, but not for injury rest, yes he is 37 years old, but did not affect James on the field of play,Sometimes better than the younger players.A player like Lebron, and at this age, should be a second or third scorer, jumping around, often with his head in the accelerator, and playing hard on the court. Who can do that?In fact, he should keep his healthy body, impact their own higher score.But he did not, still maintain the overall interests of the team, sometimes willing to play for his teammates, it is not easy.