Medical experts on COVID-19 treatment in Jilin: One person, one policy to treat severe patients

2022-05-09 0 By

Today, Kang Yan, president of Sichuan University West China Tianfu Hospital and expert of the national medical treatment team to Jilin, was interviewed by the media group.He said that since the outbreak of the current outbreak in Jilin city on March 2, jilin City has reported a total of nearly 25,000 COVID-19 infections, all of which are omicron virus strain. Most of them are asymptomatic and mild patients, accounting for 97.5%.Patients with general type and critical condition accounted for 2.5%.On the whole, it is characterized by fast transmission speed, large number of infected people, wide spread and low proportion of severe patients.Kang Yan, president of West China Tianfu Hospital of Sichuan University, China medical Treatment Team expert to Jilin:The whole treatment further reflects the principle of stratified and precise treatment. This time, even patients with mild symptoms, asymptomatic patients and mild patients were placed in isolation sites or makeshift cabins for observation, and designated hospitals only treated ordinary, severe and critical patients.Expert guidance by nation, our country to rescue the medical team, and in every region of the jilin province, various cities to support the medical team, everybody together as a whole to treatment for these patients, for the heavy duty and severe type of cases are filtered, both on the intensive medicine to treat, so we actually do two things every day,One is in the general ward, to screen and search for patients who have high-risk factors, or who have transitioning from normal to severe, and to bring them to the critical care unit in time for treatment.For severe and critically ill patients, the so-called “one person, one policy” is well known to the general public. In fact, it is a kind of precise treatment based on their basic situation and individual situation, so as to do our best to improve their cure rate and reduce their mortality rate.Source CCTV news client editor Long Hai Ruo editor Min Jieyang Tao