The cloud of Tibet

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It has been more than a month since I returned to the mainland, and the clouds of Tibet are still floating in my mind.The clouds in Tibet are so white, like cotton wool, ribbons, and flying feathers.The clouds in Tibet are so close that they gently surround the snow-capped mountains, as if you could touch them;The clouds in Tibet are so common that the name of Lhasa Nikko City is not empty, almost every day inadvertently visible;The clouds in Tibet are so changeable that the clouds on the mountainside turn into clouds and rain comes in a short while.Beginning to plateau, is a beautiful summer, landing the gonggar airport in Lhasa, directly after the machine to the apron, worries about the plateau response of unease, baggage slowly slow, looked up and found that the blue sky white clouds is so low, so big a dock airport a few plane, at the edge of the mountain the set off of white clouds look cute.There are no trees on the mountain, only a layer of grass. There are large grasslands beside the Lhasa River. Finally, I saw yaks.To wood cuo, I have completely conquered by the plateau of the cloud, the blue water and blue day, white clouds and nyenchen tanglha opposite the snow go, heaven and earth is blue and white two color exclusive, with just a little eismowe flight, added a few minutes lively, even the lake yak white, has a few minutes of the flavor of the sacred solemn stand.Standing beside namtso, like the sea, I was shocked by such a single color but boundless scenery. I am used to seeing colorful, and I don’t know how to get used to it, so let’s enjoy it.After adjusting to the new pace of work in Nyingchi, I began to experience another landscape.At less than 3,000 meters above sea level, it’s wooded, oxygenated and humid, the most beautiful season of the year.When we arrived at Basuntsoo, white clouds nestled on the shoulders of the green mountains and looked affectionately at a green lake. The white sails on the lake were moving through the green. The yellow temples on the islets in the middle of the lake added striking colors.Eyes are not enough, in this color harmony of the best place, especially love the blue sky and white clouds, make the castle peak charming, make the clear water like jade, intoxicated.It was the Mid-Autumn Festival and I saw the moon that big and round for the first time in Basuntsoo.I watched the moon rise slowly over the eastern mountains, spilling out into the clouds.Against the deep blue sky, the clouds were rimmed with silver, shining in the surrounding darkness.To Nyingchi, how can not see the most beautiful snow mountain Namjagbarwa?A few times along 318 national road on a business trip, did not see its true appearance in the sejila mountain viewing platform, Nanjagbawa peak became a shy female peak, all the year round by white clouds, ten people nine not encountered, can see the true appearance of often as a lucky thing.Unfortunately, I in the altitude of 4700 meters pass against the wind, from afar, only to see a white cloud, cloud deep I do not know.Later, I came to the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, and finally saw the true face of Namjagbarwa Peak at the bottom of the valley with a drop of nearly 5,000 meters. The main peak was like a spear piercing into the sky, and the other six snow mountains were arranged in turn, imposing.White clouds always cling to the top of the mountain, sometimes blocking the full view of the mountain, the high nanjagbarwa with the cloud is enough, but keep something mysterious.The National Day holiday is seven days, just enough to complete a journey of ali north – south ring road.The journey of more than 3,000 kilometers is hard work, and the scenery above 4,500 meters is truly breathtaking, which makes the high altitude unique in the world.On the left side of national Highway 219 are the Himalayan Mountains, and on the right side are the Gangdise Mountains, which stretch for thousands of miles.After seeing countless snow-capped mountains and grasslands, the vast sky and earth, smooth roads and sparsely populated areas, I felt desolate and solemn.The cloud is lower in the distance, came to Kailash, such as pyramid-like magical peaks, just encountered sunshine jinshan, in a filamentous cloud to meet, the setting sun slowly pyramid top and cloud rendering into a golden, very sacred.In the cloudless sky of Ali Night Park, I saw a Milky Way star that I hadn’t seen in more than 20 years.Under the pollution of city lights, the stars have disappeared in my eyes for a long time, there is a long time did not look up to the sky, but there are countless stars to look up to here, I greedily looked at, until the cold plateau left.The Ngari Northern Line is also known as the “One Cuo Zacuo” Road, with numerous lakes along the way, including Selincuo, the largest in Tibet.The lake is called Cuo in Tibetan, so it is called the road of “One Cuo and another Cuo”. I saw so many green, dark green, blue and light blue cuo that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The Cuo was connected with the white clouds, which projected onto the water, sparkling and quiet.It’s also a haven for wildlife.Through qiang Tang no man’s land, is a large yellow grass, very far is the yellow mountain, a lonely asphalt road through the grass, less than 1/10,000 of the earth, the car here is like a toy.There are Tibetan antelope, Tibetan gazelle, Tibetan wild donkey, black-necked crane and so on, vigorous posture, free running, soaring in the air, this is the appearance of the world should be, let people yearn for.Day after day with the clouds of Tibet, develop the habit of looking up at the sky, white clouds leisurely, alpine companions, from the plains of the region I said, is what a luxury.It is my greatest pleasure to walk along the nyingzhini Ocean bank every day after work. The long-blooming Gesang flowers and other wild flowers on the river bank cover the horizon with white clouds, the blue river goes on a vast scale, the mountains face each other and stones scatter on the ground. Picking up one or two beautiful stones every day is just life!It was winter when I came back to the mainland. It was cloudy and rainy, and it was difficult to see the blue sky and white clouds. I was empty in my heart.Thousands of miles away, goodbye do not know what year, but since there are friends in, anyway, is to visit, looking forward to the white clouds were blossoming that day.Submission reprint description Submission email: The public number non-profit do not pay remuneration contribution is deemed to agree to the public number of the article reprint and publish