Unbelievable, remember his name!

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This article was transferred from;China’s Su Yiming won the men’s snowboard platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 15, 2018.Foreign media also praised the young athlete, calling her amazing performance “unbelievable”.Australia’s Channel 7 has been following Su’s performance in a number of tweets from its Olympic coverage Twitter account.After the Chinese athlete finished his first jump, the Australian outlet tweeted: “He’s only 17!Su yiming jumped 89.50 in the first round!””The kid is amazing,” Australia’s Channel 7 said after the second round.Su Yiming, I bow to you.””Remember his name,” the outlet tweeted after the winner was settled.Su Yiming, who won silver in the snowboard slopestyle, has won the gold medal in the men’s snowboard big jump.”NBC described Su as “unbelievable” on its Olympic coverage Twitter account, “Su scored 93.00 points in the second run, which gave him the men’s Snowboarding Grand Prix gold medal!”CNN (CNN) also reported the news in the first time, said that Su Yiming’s gold medal is also the sixth gold medal of the Chinese delegation this Winter Olympics.China has enjoyed the “most successful Winter Olympics” as a host, breaking the previous record of five gold MEDALS set in Vancouver in 2010.(Zhang Ni, Overseas Network)