Wang Ziwen knows how to dress, this “sweater + slit pants” look, 159 wear 170 energy

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Some people may question Wang Ziwen’s acting ability, some people may question wang Ziwen’s character, and some people may question Wang Ziwen’s height, but absolutely no one doubts Wang Ziwen’s clothes.So how good are her clothes?We might as well take a look at this style, Wang Ziwen knows how to wear it, this “sweater + slit pants”, 159 wear 170 energy.V-neck sweater is the most suitable for small girls style, “V word” neckline exposed large skin, not only can play to extend the neck line, elongate the upper body figure proportion effect, but also can easily show attractive collarbone, charming fragrant shoulder.Plus, the V-neckline is a sexy neckline that effortlessly shows off your feminine charm.2: Choose a light khaki sweater Knitwear comes in a wide variety of colors, only the colors we can’t think of, there is no color we can’t find.Wang ziwen chose light khaki for two reasons. First, light khaki is an atmospheric color that helps to set off our temperament.Second, because light khaki color in color matching, it is not difficult, with dark pants, light pants are OK.3: Slit pants for slit pants, many people are to wear the rules, in fact, slit pants can also be like Wang Ziwen, tied a “silk scarf” on the side of the leg, so that not only improve the fashionable strength of slit pants, but also improve the overall shape of the eye.However, it should be noted that you can’t choose a very large area of silk scarf, nor can you choose a very fancy color silk scarf, otherwise, the silk scarf will affect the effect of slit pants slim high.After analyzing Wang Ziwen’s “knitted sweater + slit pants” style, we must have learned a lot. Next, we might as well continue to understand Wang Ziwen’s clothes, and see what else we can learn.The blue shirt and the knit dress are two different styles. The former is clean and neat, while the latter is gentle and elegant. If it wasn’t for prince Wen’s look, no one would think of the blue shirt and the knit dress being folded together.What make a person think of more is “blue shirt + knit dress” this one wears a law, still do not press a figure, wear on small girl body, also can all show able and gentle glamour.Denim shirt + pleated skirt Made of denim fabric, youthful and energetic, and then with the sweet smell of pleated skirt together, can be said to be very age-reducing, just like wang Ziwen’s wearing effect, let a person more than young.However, there is a point that small girls need to pay attention to, that is, when wearing “denim shirt + pleated skirt”, be sure to put the denim shirt swing into the pleated skirt, so as not to wear pressure, short.Otherwise, it’s easy to wear short wax melon instantly.A mid-length sweater that reaches the middle of the thigh is best worn as a skirt, like Wang ziwen’s, to cover up the root of the thigh and to make the calves slimmer.In addition, with a pair of slim show high effect of black knight boots, the overall presentation of a significant and natural show high effect.About Wang Ziwen’s dress, we know here, we read the above content, what do you think?I was completely impressed by wang Ziwen’s clothes. He was not tall, but he did not lose the clothes of a supermodel, and even wore them better than a supermodel.I hope in the days to come, we can learn more from Wang Ziwen dressing, strive to become more than Wang Ziwen dressing, more fashionable, more understand the trend.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.Wen/H