Are food additives to blame for China’s cancer epidemic?The doctor suggests: these four kinds screen as soon as possible

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Guide language: hear cancer this two word, I believe many people feel very fear, know that their own cancer disease, give yourself a god of death under the gauntlet, clinical research results show that in recent years, our country the incidence of cancer disease is very high, and high in our country, the serious influence people’s health.Along with the continuous improvement of living standards, now everybody face food more and more, a lot of people in pursuit of a appetite, which doesn’t consider it will brings to the body, often caused by irregular eating all the tissues and organs metabolic abnormalities, cells failure caused some chronic diseases and metabolic diseases, inflammation, affect people’s normal life.Who has conducted a data study on cancer, and found that the incidence rate of female friends in China has increased significantly, while it is relatively stable for male friends.According to the survey results, the incidence of prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer and other cancers in China has been on the rise in recent years, while the cases of liver cancer, stomach cancer and esophageal cancer, which are often common, are slowly decreasing.Due to the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, everyone’s health diet is also enhanced, for the prevention of several cancer diseases have certain opinions, although China’s food safety is very strict, but there are still a lot of illegal businesses out of some unqualified products to sell, causing people to suffer from diseases.Many people believe that the incidence of cancer in China is very high, which has a certain relationship with the usual diet, especially in the aspect of food additives that additives are unhealthy and harmful food, which will increase the metabolism of the body and the risk of cell canceration.Are food additives a factor in cancer?See if you’ve ever found a restaurant that advertises that the food doesn’t contain any additives, which is absolutely impossible.Sun Baoguo, an academician of Engineering in China, believes that not all food additives are harmful to people’s health, such as Sudan red melamine, which are illegal additives.According to the results of the survey, food additives can improve the color, smell and taste of a food, to ensure that food is more delicious, it can be said that there is no food additives, nor the current food industry.According to the food additives are carcinogenic substances, it is not a generalization. In daily life, the preservatives contained in rice and the antioxidants in edible oil that we often eat are normal and very safe, and will not harm people’s health.Are food additives to blame for China’s high cancer rate?According to the results of the survey, cyclamate is a very common sweetener, do not know if you have eaten sucrose, it is about 30~40 times sucrose.Canned fruit, jelly, cold drinks, and some jam preserves, fruit cakes, these contain a lot of cyclamate, we often eat food production commonly used additives.Clinical research results show that the sweet has been in the United States, Japan and other developed countries have comprehensive management, and for our country is still used as usual, in fact, according to the result of the investigation of the sweet, he for the bone cells in the body has a certain inhibitory effect on proliferation and differentiation, often use this kind of material will have certain influence on children, older people pregnant women,Moreover, excessive intake will stimulate various tissues and organs in the body, affect the detoxification mechanism of the liver, and there is no way to expel toxins and garbage from the body, which will harm people’s health.2. Sorbic acid and potassium salt According to the survey results show that potassium sorbate is also a preservative we often use, it has a certain antibacterial effect, inhibit the growth of mold in food, prevent the occurrence of rot and mold.If sorbic acid and potassium salt are taken for a long time and food with excessive additives of this kind may affect the metabolism of tissues and organs in the body, bone growth and liver function to a certain extent, and have bad health to the body.3. Potassium aluminum sulfate, a food additive, is mostly found in high-temperature fried food, such as fried chicken, which is rich in oil and is also a commonly used food additive in processing.Excessive use of these foods may cause the absorption of iron and calcium in the body, leading to anemia and osteoporosis, which can harm the normal functioning of the body.When it comes to nitrite, we may be very familiar with it, which is associated with some food additives such as pickles, meat, fish and cheese that we eat daily.According to the study, nitrite consumption of about 200 to 500 milligrams can cause people to become toxic, which can lead to dizziness, headaches, increased breathing difficulties and the risk of some cancers.Conclusion: the above several additives we do not eat too much, to avoid the body to bring a certain burden, in peacetime must pay attention to light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, for the body to supplement more dietary fiber and vitamins, so as to maintain the body operation.Guide to Summer Regimen