Because of tram laying construction, Huangshi here 23 0 o ‘clock from 20 days closed

2022-05-10 0 By

On February 20, the reporter learned from the traffic patrol huangshi Port group from 0 on 23 huangshi magnetic lake road osmanthus road intersection due to tramcar paving construction will be temporarily closed for 20 days at that time, please pass through the intersection left turn and turn vehicles detour 20 morning, the reporter in magnetic lake road osmanthus road intersection to see,Li Xianwen, deputy chief of huangshi Port Brigade of traffic patrol, is studying the construction, closure, detour and other matters of the intersection with the tram construction company and the relevant person in charge of the public transportation group.The reporter learned at the scene, as the tram will be in magnetic lake road osmanthus road intersection rail construction, from February 23 0, magnetic lake road osmanthus road intersection will be closed construction, a period of 20 days.At that time, Cihu Road will turn left to enter osmanthus Road lane, Osmanthus Road turn left to enter Cihu Road lane, and Cihu Road turn around lane will be closed through the intersection.Cihu Road through the intersection of Osmanthus Road straight, right turn and osmanthus Road right turn into Cihu Road vehicles will not be affected.Traffic police said that during the 20-day construction period, vehicles that need to turn left or turn around at the intersection of Guihua Road, Cihu Road, please go around the intersection of Guihua Road, Hubin Avenue, Cihu Road, Niuwei intersection.Traffic police remind the majority of drivers passing through the magnetic lake road osmanthus road intersection and other bypass sections, should pay attention to slow down, then the traffic police department will increase police input in each bypass intersection, and arrange for assistant traffic command, please cooperate with the majority of drivers traffic police department command, orderly passage.(source: Dongchu Evening News reporter Li Fei Luo Wei Li Fei) more exciting content, please download the “big Wuhan” client in the major application market.