Lai Qingde expressed support for Chung Jiabin, Chuang Ruixiong: the deputy leader is not faction for personal use

2022-05-10 0 By

Chung Jia-bin, a legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), said Tuesday that county residents have received letters from Lai Ching-de, Taiwan’s deputy leader, thanking him for his recommendation and affirmation in the hotly contested 2022 race for Pingtung county governor.DPP legislator Chuang Swee hung responded that the leaders and deputy leaders are public money, not the private use of factions or individual families.Zhongjiabin issued a press release on the afternoon of July 7, saying that pingtung county residents had received letters saying “Lai Ching-de recommended Zhongjiabin”. After reading the letters, many people exclaimed that lai ching-de and Zhongjiabin had such a deep relationship in the past, so it is no wonder that they support Zhongjiabin in the election of county magistrate.Chuang said in an interview this evening that he and Tsai ing-wen fought together for the Party and For Taiwan, which is a revolutionary sentiment accumulated over the years, but the leaders and deputy leaders are public money, not for the personal use of factions or individual families.ZhuangRuiXiong thinks the election is a temporary, but the value is everlasting, and his identity ‘beautiful marina propaganda “pingtung county should be decide by pingtung, zhong jia marina brochures for oneself also mentioned” pingtung command, do not need to Taipei factions don’t private “assigned”, don’t believe’ beautiful marina rather weak, and changed his value.Chong stressed that the election was not about a designated succession, let alone factional support, and should be left to the People of Pingtung.Pingtung county mayor Pan Meng-an’s term is about to expire, and the DPP is rumored to be interested in running for the seat of Pingtung County, including “legislator” Chung Jiabin, Zhuang Ruixiong and Zhou Chunmi.It is understood that Chuang ruixiong has the support of the British department and the “national Assembly”, while Zhou Chunmi is supported by the current “five-star county magistrate” Pan Meng ‘an.Zhou Chunmi officially announced his candidacy for the pingtung county magistrate primary election on November 11. Chuang said that Zhou colluded with the local KMT faction, but the people refused to “dance with the devil”, which triggered a confrontation between the two camps.(Xue Yang/Editor) # Taiwan #