The epidemic is still under control

2022-05-10 0 By

Zhongyuan District: Jin Jiping reported that on February 19, 2022, the weather was very cold. A total of 14 volunteers from Class 2 of Lankaodeyuan and Zhongyi in Kaifeng, Henan province, continued to go to each checkpoint in the north of the city.Wearing red vests and red hats, they arrived at their posts on time.After more than a month of strict prevention, she repeated the same words every day: “Please scan the code, take the temperature, and please wear a mask.”Patient, thoughtful, warm service to each passing personnel.For the safety of the community and the early victory over the epidemic, they have no regrets, never late for work and leave early, and take the card point duty as a happy job.The volunteers are not afraid of the cold weather, despite the pain of standing every day, but enjoy it.Wang Gengtian, a 70-year-old volunteer, often wrote a doggerel about his feelings on duty in a wechat group: “The old man has been in his 70s. He has been working as a volunteer since then.Volunteer Han Aimei has been praised by community leaders and the public for her work on epidemic prevention and control.She always smiled and reminded the community: “Please wear masks and go out safely.”To enter the community of pedestrians said: “go out to return please sweep code, temperature measurement.”When no one proudly sing “volunteer song”, every day happy, lele ha ha!These are a group of volunteers who have a mission to fight the epidemic and ensure the safety of people on the other side. They are happy and proud volunteers who actively cooperate with the community and stick to their posts to fight the epidemic.