The grade 2 children’s “International Exhibition” works are really amazing, simple and honest, and become the focus of parents’ communication

2022-05-10 0 By

To promote learning, which is the biggest characteristic, so are the Chinese calligraphy, calligraphy grab from baby concept throughout all the time, it’s not, “both” winner of second grade children, in a recent “update” first Spring Festival in the exhibition, the second grade children’s regular script works, is very strong, be full of the most beautiful works,Also an important concept, fully demonstrated the model law, not the winner, has become the focus of many parents friends circulated, many parents sighs from kui not equal to, or even said “this is the other people’s children”, let us together to enjoy the children’s regular script works, grade 2.These works, on one hand, write down the glorious age of tang poetry, highlighted the Tang Jie’s position, at the same time, they mostly YanJie as the main style of regular script, some still is a blend of the home, will our method had a good play and applications, has a new look, meticulous in pen, bolt into laws, this also is a kind of positive energy, for a child,Learning kai is still the most important, to guide children to learn calligraphy, direction is very desirable, through the learning of regular script, feel the zhengzheng atmosphere, but also can fully feel the beauty of calligraphy, the structure of the wonderful.The second grade children regular script, write out far beyond the limit of the age, also write beyond the age of great feeling, let a person admire, whether it is the fusion of brushwork, or the delicate degree, is a very desirable, and stippling grinding, also very see kung fu, handle the relationship between each other, both look, YiRang, unity and contradiction,Reflects a different kind of understanding and understanding, but also reflects a delicate skill, skilled skill level, is not the same as xiao Kai, especially individual children, in the regular script can also participate in the long, integrated, inclusive, write a new atmosphere, people admire!From their regular script works, we can also feel the future of calligraphy, especially the future of the regular script, praise for these children, but also happy for them, at least let us see the true meaning of calligraphy, especially the true meaning of the regular script, to be able to play this kind of zhengzheng, this is a kind of inheritance, isn’t it?Share your insights.