Warm, gentle, confident, determined, responsible, different from the five elements of tiger fate analysis

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People born in the year of the tiger are generally careless, confident about themselves, and will perform well no matter what they do. People born in the year of the tiger are also sensitive, but their temper is stubborn.Let’s take a look at the fate of different Chinese zodiac tigers.Golden tiger people are enthusiastic, cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic about work and life, very energetic.Golden Tiger is an aggressive person, unwilling to lag behind others, and is a very proud person.Articulate and sociable, you can make friends wherever you go, have friends for life, and have friends to support you when you are in trouble.Wood tiger people are gentle, kind-hearted, good at putting themselves in others’ shoes, considerate, many people like to deal with wood tiger.They work hard, quietly do what they should do, never fight with others.Wooden tiger people are very honest emotionally. They usually form a family with a good match and live a happy life after marriage.Water tiger people are very confident, open-minded and have the courage to face any difficulties.Mentality is very calm, will not be some trivial things panic, calm mind, careful.Water tigers have a very strong pursuit of money, perhaps because of the poor living conditions since childhood, so they will put more energy on making money when they grow up. For them, making money is the most important part of their life, as long as they have enough money, they will feel safe.Fire tiger people, act resolute and resolute, never hesitated in some trivial matters, the concept of time is very strong.Work efficiency is very high, but also easy to impulsive, ignore details, resulting in work mistakes.Fire tigers are too experienced to make the same mistake twice.Their career will have a good development, which is not only an impact on themselves and their families, but also an affirmation of their own strength.In their eyes, family is the most important and work is the most important. Therefore, when work and family can not be balanced, they will give up their career and look for their own family.The relationship between native tiger and mate is very good. They understand each other, tolerate each other, respect each other, and solve problems in a consultative manner, rather than putting all their hopes on one person.The earth tiger people are blessed with good fortune and can find reliable careers, acquire great wealth, and live comfortably.