Dong Mingzhu interview about Meng Yu child, self-exposed choice to cultivate her reasons, had deliberately set a test each other

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Some time ago, Dong Mingzhu announced to meng Yutong high profile into a second himself, caused the whole network hot discussion.Some people are curious about Why Meng Yutong, a college student just out of school, is favored by Dong Mingzhu. Some people think dong Mingzhu is deliberately hyped, poor knowledge of people, and continuous controversy.On January 26, Dong Mingzhu accepted Lang Yongchun interview, mentioned the reason for choosing to cultivate Meng Yutong.Dong mingzhu first crossed paths with Meng Yutong through the variety show “We just Entered the Workplace”, when many interns came to Gree internship, Meng yutong is one of them.During the recording program, Dong Mingzhu began to meng Yutong test, deliberately set a bureau to hit her, want to know her ability to bear after all is how much.When Dong mingzhu to the three interns score, Meng Yutong scored the lowest.When the score came out, the present guests did not understand this, Meng Yutong himself stood aside, his face was not good.Dong mingzhu explained that she scored low because Meng said on the show that she was so stressed that she cried.Dong Mingzhu simply put pressure on Meng Yutong again, she admitted in an interview that Meng Yutong’s performance was the best, but he deliberately dropped the score.Dong Mingzhu wants to pass this attack test, see Meng Yutong is to choose self to give up or continue to work hard.After Meng Yutong’s performance did not let Dong Mingzhu disappointed, than a bright eye, potential has also been inspired.Finally Meng Yutong recumbent individual glamour and business ability, conquered Dong Mingzhu.Another reason Dong chose to cultivate Meng was that she felt she was very independent and not attached to others.In Dong Mingzhu’s opinion, most young people now have a “lie down” idea, especially those from well-off families, who are indifferent to work.Meng Yitong itself family situation is not common, appearance is outstanding, still can sing and dance, can take a more relaxed road originally, but she chooses to struggle for herself however, this kind of spirit inspired Dong Mingzhu.Lang then came up with an even sharper question, asking why Dong didn’t choose a man.In this regard, Dong Mingzhu said that she did not value gender. There were boys among the interns at that time, and they had more or less problems. For example, some people gave up their self-principles in order to accommodate others, and some people did not dare to do it because of the feelings of others.But Meng Yutong has never appeared this kind of problem, Dong Mingzhu sees his young appearance on her body, two people have a go all out in their bones.Dong mingzhu’s own experience is also legendary. After her husband died of illness, she went to Zhuhai to work. She became a business manager step by step and finally became the chairman of the company.When Dong Mingzhu was interviewed, Meng Yutong squatted outside the camera has been looking at the hands of the file, look very serious, not affected by the outside world, in the face of Dong Mingzhu’s praise is not jubilant, the whole person immersed in the work.Meng Yutong and Dong Mingzhu, dare to do dare to spell can do, not arrogant not impetuous not humble, finally stand out from a group of people.At the beginning of the online doubts about Meng Yutong sound there are a lot of, many netizens think she is lucky to meet Dong Mingzhu, just have the present achievement, there are also netizens think she does not deserve the secretary of this position, too young without experience.In fact, as a fresh graduate, Meng yutong’s performance is still better than many others. She can not only show her highlights in the program, but also dance in front of thousands of people. Both her psychological ability and business ability are very outstanding.In the final analysis, Meng Yutong is actually just a migrant worker. There is no need for the outside world to be too harsh on her. I hope there will be less controversial remarks.# Dong Mingzhu meng Yutong #, # Dong Mingzhu successor #, # Meng Yutong Secretary #