Hainan Lantern artisans stick to it for 40 years: let folk customs pass on

2022-05-11 0 By

In Baiyan Village, Huiwen Town, Wenchang city, Hainan Province, zou Hongda, a 73-year-old lantern craftsman, has been using traditional techniques for more than 40 years since he began to teach himself how to make lanterns in the late 1970s.Every year around the Spring Festival is zou hongda’s busiest time, almost every day to work late into the night.”Lantern sending” is a traditional cultural activity for the people of Wenchang during the Spring Festival, especially the Lantern Festival. Behind the continuation of this important folk activity is the persistence of the lantern artisans.In Zou hongda’s eyes, traditional lanterns emphasize the relationship between light and light window.”The smell of light coming out of the paper is the real meaning of this traditional craft.”Zou hongda makes lanterns not only as an income guarantee, but also as a simple wish that the traditional craft can be passed on.Supervisor: Wei Tiemin, Liu Kai Reporter: Wang Junfeng, Zhou Huimin Editor: Liu Kai, Talk about Is devoted to only 昦 昦 Xuanxuan Xinhua News Agency to the external Hainan branch of Xinhua News Agency joint production of the integration of international communication platform produced by Xinhua News Agency