I’ve been having headaches because of my father

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Chatting with my wife in the afternoon, she suddenly asked me if I hated my parents.Why do I say I hate them?She said that when listening to the sutra on the Internet, the man said that if a person has a headache for a long time, it is because of his hatred for his parents.Hate father left headache, hate mother right headache, hate parents are the whole head pain, even if they have nothing, will also involve the child sick.If you speak up and repent of your faults, you won’t get sick.My grandmother was a child bride, and my father died as a child.When I was eleven years old, I went out with my grandmother and two aunts to beg for food from my hometown taian, Shandong province to Hebei Province.Later, several of my grandmothers met my grandfather. At that time, my grandfather also lost his wife, leaving a son and a daughter. My grandfather took them in and formed a new family.My grandfather has been biased towards his children, to my father often non dozen namely scold, father is also hated grandpa, grandma next to dare not angry dare not speak.When I was growing up, my father and grandfather never ate at the same table except with family visitors during Chinese New Year.Father’s temper is very big, which is related to his background and life circumstances.My brother and I were all afraid of him, except my sister.At the beginning of my class, because read martial arts novels, the class teacher told my father, a holiday home was punished by his father kneeling, whip me, from now on I do not see martial arts novels.After marriage, the child just a week, I do not know what reason, my father and I conflict, he kept his wife beat me, angry I really want to fight back, with what childhood hit me, married after keeping his wife and children also beat me, but after all, still dare not also can not start.My wife also remembered this and asked me if I hated my father for it.I said I always remember my marriage before he said my catchphrase: well also won’t, eight don’t block!Said I was a child do not love words, eight sticks can not hit a fart!But I didn’t hate him. He was an old man who beat his son, but I was his son!Last night more than 11:30, I was awakened by a nightmare, no sleep, wake up can feel their own repression of crying and tears out of the corner of the eye.Dream I and mother in the house to talk, in the house sleeping father suddenly rushed over, hit my head with his fist, I was suddenly hit meng, tears shouted: “Dad, why do you hit me?Why?”He didn’t say anything. He kept fighting.That’s how I woke up and wrote this.I’ve been thinking: if I really have been subconsciously hate my father, hate all day let my father lives in tension and fear, hate me on three had to interrupt their studies to get a headache, now more than 20 years and never had a much better father hate now more than seventy years old still rush about overworked father for your life?I hate you?I don’t hate!Up to now, I still hold in awe of my father!Although I have inherited some of my father’s personality, I have been holding back and changing, and I don’t want my children to live in this kind of family atmosphere, which I definitely don’t want, because I really have enough!