Nanjing Hero long race star mark, Hero champion side, is coming back

2022-05-11 0 By

Theoretically star mark on February 25, 2022 can play he is Nanjing Hero long race “mother powder manufacturing machine”, but also in 2021 KPL spring competition “zhanmo Tanze all” another tree of a school “star mark a hit five”, he is Nanjing Hero long race champion 2.0 version of the side player Star mark.Like Hero, star Mark has been overshadowed by qingrong, who won two FMVPS in a row.2021KPL Spring game from the net friends of the strong side of the summary of the “zhan Mo Tanze one color”.At that time Hero’s head coach long zhe for star mark song uneven, issued “my home star mark don’t deserve it?”Sigh.Until the 2021KPL spring finals, Star trace force beat the war tank double repair of Guangzhou TTG qingqing help Nanjing Hero long race to win the championship, the outside world to star trace fill a “star trace a play five”.Not only can Guan Yu and Ma Chao score points, He is also good at some heroes that only he can take out, such as Ne Zha, Zhong Wuyan often can help Hero win.Intrepid in the preparation for the welcome star mark return team unfortunately since the summer of 2021 world championship, Star mark, Qingrong and a number of under 18 years old will be locked by the baby, the fall began to Hero in the long zhe left is directly from the S group B group, it can be said that does not stay, is no challenger cup.Hero’s official blog also released a welcome to Star Mark to return to the team and take charge of the 2022 spring Tournament at the beginning of summer. Although there is no supplement during the transfer period, Hero has always been an export player and does not have the habit of buying players.2022 spring Hero list long zhe to dust summer left hand card is still very good, shooter long cool and play wild fearless is still the original champion team, purple magic and auxiliary a sheng are placed high hopes.Hero has a good chance of getting out of group B if he returns by then.The old tradition of Hero military training can take “invincible” as the slogan of the team, is the need to double efforts.Hero has been continuing the tradition of military training since the establishment of the team, only strict requirements to regain their “invincible” confidence.The interesting thing about Hero’s schedule is that Hero turns 18 on February 25th, and on that day Hero will play against Beijing WB, which has just spent a lot of money to strengthen the last order.If He plays, it will be his debut in spring 2022, and will be able to compete with his old rival Zimo in the road.