“Wrapped” type of education promotion advertising can only be a trap

2022-05-11 0 By

Meng Wei in the background of many people have “degree anxiety”, “package”, “package graduation”, “package diploma” education promotion advertisements are common.However, some educational institutions that claimed to be “covered” did not even enroll students, institutions that were not officially authorized to recruit students, and some institutions are suspected of illegal operation, which lays “traps” for education promotion.(Workers’ Daily, Feb. 16) It has to be said that “education anxiety” has made education promotion advertisements popular, and at the same time, it has been amplified by numerous highly suggestive advertisements.It is true that a degree does not represent ability, but the lack of a degree is really limited everywhere.If you don’t have a degree, it’s hard to get a high-paying job.If you want to be promoted, pay rise or appraise professional title, it is directly blocked by the education threshold, even if the students can not be exempted.To be honest, the temptation of all kinds of learning promotion advertisements is fatal to the working people.Compared with those who are still in school, such as those who take postgraduate entrance exams and those who take specialized courses, those who enter the workplace simply do not have enough time to study. On the contrary, they urgently need to improve their education to gain more opportunities.So the advertising declared “package” “package graduation” “package diploma” “network can be checked” “refund” “easily on the prestigious school, comfortable diploma”……People in need are simply unable to refuse.Is there such a thing as pie in the sky?The answer is obvious.To be sure, the Notice on Strengthening the Management of Advertisements for Higher education continuing Education issued in October 2021 clearly points out that advertisements for higher education continuing education should not contain false and illegal contents such as “no need to study” and “no need to attend classes”.It is not allowed to make explicit or implied guarantees for the educational effect, such as “fast obtaining evidence”, “free examination package” and “refund”.These education promotion advertisements themselves are illegal propaganda.These hateful false propaganda must not be allowed to go unchecked.Regulators should strictly check online platforms, “we media” and continuing education institutions that publish false advertising information, and take control from the source.Education departments and relevant colleges and universities should guide students to choose legitimate and formal institutions, timely check and refute false propaganda.The majority of educated people should also change their concept, keep alert to the seductive advertising, and remember that the shortcut is behind the trap.