5G controversy has forced the suspension of flights to the US, and Americans are furious: other countries can do it, but not the US

2022-05-12 0 By

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the tourism industry of all countries has been hit hard in the past two years, which has also led to the sluggish development of the aviation market.According to US media reports, several airlines have temporarily suspended flights to the US because they are not sure whether 5G mobile phone services will affect flights.The FAA is concerned about 5G cellular antennas that have recently been deployed around U.S. airports.They are more worried about the formation of interference to some equipment of the plane, so that the plane can not fly normally, especially the radar altimeter on the plane may be interfered.And this equipment in the aircraft flight can be said to be very important, once the failure of the normal flight of the aircraft will cause great constraints.Given these conditions, the FAA says pilots should not be able to direct their aircraft to an airport where radar altimeters are required if visibility is poor during a flight.In order not to be interfered with by 5G equipment and affect the normal flight of the aircraft, after this announcement, there are a lot of planes did not land at some airports, which has a very big impact on some airports in the United States.The FAA’s response to 5G equipment has made some telecommunications companies in the United States seriously concerned, and they are under pressure to temporarily shut down 5G equipment in some airports.In response to the FAA’s concerns, American Telecom also said that more than 40 countries around the world have deployed 5G technology around airports. They can ensure the safety of aircraft during flight, but the FEDERAL government cannot guarantee the safety of aircraft.As for the question of whether 5G technology will interfere with aircraft, some airlines in the United States said that the deployment of 5G technology will have a certain impact on aircraft flight, and can not guarantee the safety of aircraft flight.Biden, on the other hand, argued that 5G would have no impact on flights and allowed U.S. telecom companies to deploy wireless towers around airports.Biden and telecoms firms, say airport deployed around 5 g technology will not affect the flight, is safe, but the airline is don’t think so, they always say, this technology will cause certain influence to the safety of the aircraft, if deployed around 5 g technology in the airport, can lead to some airport equipment can’t normal use,It is highly likely that the aircraft will be grounded.In response, some communications companies said that airlines had known about the impact of the technology for a long time, but they did not update aircraft equipment in a timely manner.As for THE 5G technology in the United States, the United States has already had a great impact on the domestic market. If they don’t put more effort into solving their own problems, there will be more such problems in the future.Source of partial information: Fujian Strait consumption newspaper