Do you say tang seng’s father is Chen Guangrui or Liu Hong?

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Xiao Long is fascinated by Journey to the West these days.Grandpa bored, walked to the small dragon’s bedroom before knock knock: “big grandson ah, why.”The dragon opened the door: “Grandpa, want to have something for me?””It’s okay.I just wanted to talk to you.Today’s vernacular is not said.””In my house or in your study?I wanted to talk to you, too.””Better go to my study. I have tea there.What do you want to talk about?””I’m reading Journey to the West. The white Bone spirit has changed into a village maid, a crone and an old man to confuse the Tang Priest.What do you think will happen if Sun Wukong doesn’t see through it?””Return meeting how, Tang’s monk was eaten bai.””Do you think white Bone spirit will pretend to be Tang monk to trick Eight Jie and Sand monk to go to the west for buddhist scriptures?””You have an imagination.It’s possible.””Then the ladyboy is upside down.””There is such a thing as transvestite inversion.In the Jin Dynasty, Gan Bao wrote a book called “Search for the Gods”, which contains such a story.””Tell me.”Xiao Long is interested.”A farmer in Wuxing had two sons working in the field. Suddenly he saw a ghost in the form of their father scolding them.The two brothers went home and told their father about it.Father said, that is a ghost, next time you meet him kill him.The next day the father worried that ghosts would hurt his son, so he went to the field to have a look. The sons killed the real father as ghosts without saying a word.Ghosts hiding in the shadows take the opportunity to reincarnate their dead as their father, and they live together, many years later, also did not notice.””This is the story of Tang Priest himself.Journey to the West opens with The story of Xuanzang’s father, Chen Guangrui, the top scholar in high school, who is killed by a water thief liu Hong on his way to take office.As a result, Liu Hong took Chen Guangrui’s wife to take office.Do you say tang seng’s father is Chen Guangrui or Liu Hong?””Definitely not Liu Hong.””How do you know?””You are not a good reader.It’s pretty clear in the book.Mother Yin Wenjiao gave birth to Tang Seng immediately put him in a wooden basin to flow away, if liu Hong’s child, she would do so?And in the original work also account very clear, at that time Liu Hong is crucial this child.Yin Wenjiao only had the opportunity to do so when she was away.””Why did Yin Wenjiao jump into the river and die immediately after Liu Hong was killed and Chen Guangrui came back to life?””Ancient people were very feudal.The woman dishonour then has no yan to appear.Yin Wenjiao jumped into the river out of shame.””If, I say if, Tang’s monk is really liu Hong’s son.That Liu Hong will not repair the fruit, the outcome is satisfactory?””Certainly not.””How can you be so sure?Isn’t there an idiom, ‘A king is defeated’?””Ha ha.You know, good triumphs over evil!””I don’t think so.There is also an idiom that goes, ‘The devil is ten feet higher than a foot.'””You know one and you don’t know the other.In fact, there is a second sentence to that sentence.””And the second part?Really?””There are books to prove it.”Surprise of the First Time” volume 36: ‘The Priest is one post higher, the devil is ten.Yuan industry with, eventually must pay the bill.’It means that good triumphs over evil.Tan Sitong in the Qing Dynasty also said in his Book Renxue · 40: ‘The Road is one foot higher, while the devil is ten foot higher.’Is to explain that the struggle between good and evil will have a difficult and repeated process, crafty sycophants may be rampant for a while, and succeed in one thing;But the law that good will triumph over evil is unchangeable, always in a spiral trend.The white Bone spirit in Journey to the West requires three dozen, which also explains this truth.”★ Thank you for reading, I will always be waiting for you ~ want to know more exciting content, come to miaohua Freehand brushwork