Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai projects are cutting prices!Agile, what’s wrong with you?

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Two baby said: two years ago, my mother raised a rabbit, grow very ugly very ugly……However, I found it, although very ugly but taste, but really good!In the past two days, erwa can see the hot sales news of Agile project almost anywhere, no matter in friend circle, purchase group, Xiaohongshu, or today’s headlines.At the beginning, I mistakenly thought that after the opening of the market picked up, to buy a house have to queue?But after going to understand, I emo: Agile Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai projects, how come all the discounted sales ah?And the price cut is amazing!Without further ado, let’s take a look.Guangzhou Agile 715 from the total price of 5-5.5 million, reduced to 2.9 million/set agile 715, located on the right side of Fangcun Avenue West Road, Liwan, belongs to the Baietan CBD plate.Although the project is not close to the subway, but at least it is the location of old Liwan!The surrounding living atmosphere is not strong, but also has a river view, the location is absolutely not bad.It is understood that Agile 715 was put on sale in January 2021, with a selling price of 5 to 6 million yuan/set, and the total transaction price of about 5.5 million yuan/set.But in the middle of October 2021, Agile 715 suddenly sold at a reduced price in the name of “labor for housing”, from a total price of about 5.5 million yuan per unit to 3.5 million yuan!Although it is said that 3.5 million/set is just a gimmick, the actual price of a better floor is basically around 4 million.But the “big price drop” was confirmed, with the total price dropping by about $1.5 million.I guess all the people waiting in line to buy a house thought they had found a treasure.As everyone knows, after the opening of 2022, Agile Skyrim 715 will be sold again in the name of “labor for housing” at a reduced price.This time, the price is even more amazing, only 2.9 million/set!◆ Similarly, the price reduction of the project attracted numerous buyers to look at the house.Pieces it is pieces of queuing situation today this is today’s line up is, of course, the 2 Eva also went to, the price of 2.9 million/sets, actually is also a few sets as a publicity stunt, actually had higher prices, details see below: heaven and earth floor: 2.9 million/sets of floor (sold out) : 300-3.5 million/sets high floor:3.5-3.9 million/set Note: buyers need to pay the down payment within 5 days, can be normal loans.In recent days, Agile’s project in Zhongshan sanxiang, Vientiane, has also been on sale at a crazy price.Scene popularity, is really hot to no!Don’t believe me, you see!It is understood that the price of Agile Vientiane county is not as advertised by most agents, reduced by 6000-7000 yuan /㎡.Erwa learned that the project launched this time is no. 21-23 building, built surface of about 80 square meters -110 square meters 2-3 rooms, with decoration delivery.About 200 units are on sale, with prices ranging from 6 to 8.Among them, there are very few houses with a price of 6, which are mainly used for gimmicks. Most of them have been sold out when they go to the scene.And the middle floor, the price is basically 7.5-8 thousand/square meters.Then, in addition to this price, we have to pay another 50,000 yuan for group purchase.According to the opening of the project to sell 10,000-11,000 / square meters to calculate, the actual decline should be 2500-3000 yuan/square meters, but also calculated to fall pretty much.In addition, zhuhai media reported that Agile international Garden, a project of Agile in Zhuhai North Wai, has also lowered its price from 2 to 1 since the beginning of the year.◆ The current price of Agile International Garden When it comes to this project, Erwa knows best.Before the Spring Festival, I went to Zhuhai for research with the principal of the garden. At that time, we went to Beiwei and saw the agile International Garden.I also carefully made notes: this project is to sell the existing house, is the king of the area, but the price is several thousand cheaper than the same plate of the project (north Wai overall average price of 28,000-30,000 / square meters), only 21-25,000 / square meters, and the house is all duplex.◆ At that time, two baby with notepad notes did not expect, just how long ah, the price has dropped so much!Just bought the people, can not cry to death ah!04 why many plates on sale? What’s wrong with Agile?See here, you are not also like erwa, in the mind have a question: why so many items are on sale?What’s wrong with Agile?According to two baby understand, agile will appear many dish price phenomenon, its main reason, or because of financial chain tension and debt problems.As shown above, Agile Group Holdings Limited issued a notice of Asset Transfer on February 10, 2022.Agile is selling five environmental projects for 1.1 billion yuan, according to the announcement.In addition, Agile sold 4 billion yuan of assets in January, along with its recent residential projects, according to a research note issued by Furui.Because agile has about $1.3bn of offshore debt maturing in the first quarter of this year, it needs to keep selling more assets to cope with tight liquidity.Of course, why is the Agile 715 on sale and not some other item?Personally, I think the Skyrim 715 product is a design mismatch.It should have been designed as a flat with a view of the river, not as a 70-year condominium at a premium.You look at the Sea guanlan Mansion this kind of river view residence, worry to sell?No worries at all!What do you think?